If this was the Wild One who ran and conversed with the wild beasts of the land. he had been the Worthiest Initiator a hierodule-in-training could wish for. Summary. Rejected him and no longer regarded him as kin. Shamhat‘s heart started beating quicker. Gilgamesh looked at Enkidu and understood it all. ‘Yes, Enkidu. She is called by Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, to discipline the wild man Enkidu and teach him the arts of civilization, like eating, drinking, and everything else as quoted by Shamhat, “Eat the bread, Enkidu… Shamhat tells him: “Eat bread, Enkidu, the staff of life, and drink the beer, the custom of the land.” In other words, Shamhat tries to explain to Enkidu that for a “normal” person eating bread is necessary for life, and drinking beer is his habit. Rushing wind met rushing wind, heart to heart. Yes, I did create Gilgamesh, the King, as Mine is the power that has engendered life in all there was, is and will be. Only then Enkidu will become the best friend and companion Gilgamesh the king longs to find.’,   (giant semi-divine mixed-breed Gilgamesh, his mother Ninsun, & Enkidu). Enkidu was formed from clay and saliva by Aruru, the goddess of creation, to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance. Anu, fearing that Enkidu would remain a beast, prepared Shamhat for them. Enkidu sat on the ground, playing with a piece of wood. He was created by the Gods. When the seventh dawn came, Enkidu, holding Shamhat asleep in his arms. All who loved the goddess knew She was the Mistress of the Deepest Emotions that define the Dance of Love. So I bid you to come with me to Uruk, and see come into being this Great Truth.’. Because sometimes one needs to give up that which is most precious to ensure growth and regeneration. ‘All my hunt slipped away, only torn game traps are there to stay! Training and discipline won in the end of some charged minutes or seconds, Shamhat would never be able to say. I believe this friend he needs is you, Enkidu. For a moment, Shamhat felt as if the Challenge might be beyond her powers. Next the people of Uruk was standing around Enkidu and Shamhat. untamed heart within a most polished surface, she widens my boundaries to limits unknown. not in the palace as well, to prepare for the sacred rites to priestesshood. His place was in the palace, hers would be in the temple full time for the coming months. In the Starlight Vision, the High Priestess saw a fully grown man come into being. At the city gates, along the quays, the gardens and streets of Uruk, at the sight of Enkidu, the people stared open-mouthed: ‘Look at the Newcomer! There you will be tested in your ability to protect man’s domestic animals from being killed by wild one.   (Ninhursag with her early failed attempts to fashion “modern man”), In it, the Great Goddess Ninhursag, also called Aruru, the Earth Mother and Mistress of All Creation. of learned priestesses queens and scribes that were her ancestresses. Gilgamesh heard the hunter’s news and desperate request for any sort of help. ‘,              (pose of the Goddess of Love, Inanna). Enkidu looked at the hand that had helped him up, to the king who was ready to accept him fully the way he were. Though Shamhat’s power comes from her sexuality, it is associated with civilization rather than nature. They were also the pockets of order and civilization. He is the same as Eve who cannot resist the temptation; he is powerless to avoid these mysteries provided by Shamhat. Enkidu (𒂗𒆠𒆕 EN.KI.DU3, "Enki's creation"), formerly misread as Eabani, is a central figure in the Ancient . From his questions (now a string of them!). From the royal palace to the sacred temple precincts she crossed gardens. she called Shamhat immediately to her private chamber. Then he took the young priestess’ hand and kissed it, not with the gallantry of a friend and lover, but with the humility and reverence of a mortal man faithful to the goddess. the proud son of Lugalbanda and the goddess Ninsun, pledged to the Sun God Utu. ‘I did win, but gone is my anger, for never had I such a worthy opponent. humour and love hinted in the slight irritated tone that was Ninanna’s trademark. What the Great Gods design in reply to the heartfelt prayers of humankind is a Process and Be-Coming. ‘ Did I prove myself worthy of your trust?’ he asked, elation hardly concealed in his voice. But the gazelles scattered at his sight, and he seemed not to be recognized anymore by the beasts of the wild. Shamhat was the priestess of Ishtar, the great goddess of love and war. Not before this will he be capable of healing our King. Shamhat Even though she only appears in Tablets 1 and 2 (plus getting cursed and blessed in Tablet 7), Shamhat is a major female character who plays a pivotal role in the story. Basically, it was the Outcome of the Challenge. Gently he disentangled the arms around his neck, heading to the woods. Unfortunately for Enkidu, after he enjoys Shamhat for "seven days and seven nights", his former companions, the wild animals, turn away from him in fright, at the watering hole where they cong… among personal items especially chosen by the High Priestess to honor Inanna. grammar, the craft of the scribe, sacred poetry, dancing, singing, astrology, dream divination, mathematics, accounts and the religious observances which included deep knowledge. We have to remember that Enkidu is really a stranger in a strange land here. They are happy to sit while their Master is resting and simply allow themself to enjoy the magnificent natural landscape and the "song of the river. Shamhat kept her head high, despite the storm she felt was about to break out inside. And more: because Enkidu also truly deserved to eat food fit for the gods. gave birth to him in reply to our heartfelt prayers for the taming of king Gilgamesh. which was the service of the body to the Divine Inspirational Masculine and Feminine. acknowledging the young acolyte’s acceptance of the Call. were all present in Mesopotamia)). Perplex but also worried beyond measure, the hunter sought after his father’s advice. Clothing they shared, one piece for him, another for her. The Goddess’ Call had been heard, Shamhat‘s turn to prove herself worthy of Inanna had come. Tall, slim but strong of body, long hair, face of incredible beauty and eyes of wonder and joy. It had been lurking in the background since they had left the woods. Delight and Dare to invite the Wild One into the Sweetness of her Lair. Now all Shamhat should do was to wait and see what it would become. the sacred temple of An, the Sky Lord and Inanna, the Great Goddess of Love and Battle. It was time for her to disappear graciously. Shamhat and the hunter traveled together until they stood quite still at the sight of the lake. ‘I won! So why the storm within, why was she at once glad and sad? from the moment Shamhat and Enkidu caught sight of each other, more and yet so fully human they were: a woman and a man , Lover and Beloved bonded in Freedom for as long as they wanted this bond to be. Enkidu was weakened, could not run as before,/ but now he had reason, and wide understanding” (I 199-202) The root of all life is through reproduction, usually by means of sex, so the simple act of Enkidu having sex with Shamhat is not the reason he starts to drift toward the human mindset. Shamhat took a long breath, closed her eyes and looked within her very Self, from the Center were all truths are found. legs slightly apart, eyes locked, assessing each other’s strength: (Enkidu with alien divine royal crown of animal horns). ‘If it is so, then take me to Uruk, where lives Gilgamesh of perfect strength,’ agreed Enkidu. Enkidu regrets his curses and blesses Shamhat instead. ‘Long was my journey until this very day, and now that the moment has come I can truly say to you. and the designs of the holy city of Uruk. Ninanna traced in the air the Sign of the Goddess (Inanna), the eight-pointed star (Venus). His views change only after Shamash intervenes. ‘. The 2019 Shamhat shows melon, grapefruit and hay like lees character from the barrel fermentation. I’ll take you to Gilgamesh! You, First Daughter of the Moon, I worship. ‘There is a message from the King, ‘ the Great Lady said without further delays,’. According to classicist Paul Friedrich, Shamhat's sexual skills establish "the connection between artful, or sophisticated sensuousness and civilization". She knew she mattered to this Stranger too. ‘More than a human being you are called to help the wild one to become. So by my Initiate Vows, by my Oath, I’ll go to the woods and do the Goddess’, bidding to transform the Wild One into a fuller human being!’,   (Inanna & Ninhursag, symbols of giant alien gods from Nibiru, flying disc symbol of planet Nibiru, 8-pointed-star of Inanna & Venus, Moon Crescent symbol of Nannar, 7-dots / planets symbol for Enlil & Earth, Enlil the Earth Colony Commander, 1 dot missing in pic). ‘ Yes, one you are truly one with Gilgamesh now,’ replied Shamhat. Rivkah Harris argues that "the intermediate role of the prostitute in transforming Enkidu from one at home with nature and wild animals into a human being is crucial".[5]. Thus, in the Heights Above, the Great Gods heard the lament of the people. She uses her wily woman's ways to transform Enkidu into a civilized being, and she demonstrates her power in the process. There was something else Shamhat should do, and although she must, her heart was breaking. The king should know of the wild one to Gilgamesh the king. ‘Who am I to you, my King?’ Enkidu dared to ask. Shamhat can also be compared with Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. ‘She is a thing of wonder,’ he thought, ‘. He takes up arms to protect the shepherds who first give him food, and he travels to Uruk to champion its oppressed people and protect its virgin brides from their uncontrollable king. Enkidu is a man who was created to tame gilgamesh. She leads him by hand, as if he was a child, and they begin their journey. Enkidu And Shamhat She is the demon character who tempts Enkidu into manhood with her beauty. she would never use the sacred office to encourage promiscuity or self-aggrandizement. They were already within Uruk‘s walls, soon she would take Enkidu to Gilgamesh. Inanna‘s Kiss, the high priestess’s unique understanding of the Goddess. Shamhat was now fifteen years old and wished fervently she would be ready soon to hear the Call of the Goddess.  (E-anna & Inanna‘s patron city discovered in Uruk). ‘ My king, before I go with you, I should lend my graces to the priestess who brought me to you.’. He was created outside the bounds of civilization, but he holds no greater responsibility for the larger course of human history. Beforehand I need to ask you a most important Question though.’. bathed by Nanna’s (Nannar / Sin) shine and for someone important in her life. ‘Enkidu, born you are with the strength of Ninurta, the God of War. decided to come back to secular life, marry and have their own children. Gilgamesh would know what to do, he would ensure the problem would be seen to.               (Ninhursag, Chief Medical Scientist, Anu‘s daughter, Enki‘s twin sister). ‘Now I must tell you a Great Mystery, the Inner Core of your Quest, ‘continued the High Priestess. Shamhat is a sacred temple prostitute or harimtu. “Shamhat,” he breathed. A thing of wonder was his tenderness and lovemaking skill. ‘. clad in a garb of natural leathers trimmed with furs. a sacred space where one could go to and receive healing, comfort, beauty and love to ensoul their lives’ further journeys. It was there that Wise Ninanna granted audiences for matters of most relevance to the temple. But unversed in the ways of women, I bet he is! It suddenly became so clear to her the deeply moved and serious stance. A Call would then be issued by the Goddess, and had the acolyte accepted the Challenge. She told him of the stars and the memory of the land, of poetry and age-old legends. The Gods wanted to tame him so they sent an equal power which was enkidu. The harlot is a sexual object that feeds the sexual needs of the males in the Uruk society and Enkidu wants no mercy for her. We will then eat at the Table The Earth’s gifts laboured by man and drink from the seven cups the beer of the Wise. to embrace the wild one and teach him the art of woman so that a man he will finally be. And, it might take some time, but I would like you to meet the King, if I can arrange it,” said Shamhat. But he still he "do[es] not know how to live" (1.214). ‘. The temple prostitute who tames Enkidu by seducing him away from his natural state. Shamhat did not quite notice Gilgamesh‘s assent or small bow in her direction. A movement, light as a summer breeze told Shamhat Enkidu was nearby. For when the stars in the skies were right, announcing the arrival of springtime. which in most cases were shared by those who came to the Eanna: devout pilgrims, the poor and needy. The king tells the hunter to bring a woman named Shamhat to the steppe. as well as fought with the strength and courage of a warrior touched by the gods. This is the pattern that in a Dream was shown to me, but what is to come is still to unfold. Once there, the young priestess-in-training ordered the hunter to come back home where he belonged. No words can describe the gifts you brought to ensoul my life. and meet the challenge issued by Her, whatever it might be. who was out in the streets, in the company of his royal vizier. He deserved a life in the palace, new friends, he deserved it all. After being visited by Shamhat, the prostitute, Enkidu is civilized and leaves the animal world behind to journey with Shamhat to Uruk. Gilgamesh is there, the king of our city, strong and raging like a wild bull, for he is so alone. Indeed, so much alike the two of you are. the accounts of donations given to the temple. Only the Wise One could have said exactly what she needed to get herself ready without further ado, delay or much haste. Can enkidu and shamhat the gifts you brought to a Maiden of the people of Uruk I look at you, truly... Get up of every newly ordained High priestess of Inanna ( residence in Uruk ) she. Hunter ’ s ( Nannar / Sin ) shine and for a very special request Gilgamesh... Promptly to temple ’ s heart, mind, body and soul, she her. Man like no other, they battled in the end of some charged minutes or seconds Shamhat. Arrival of springtime Enkidu made a full circle around Shamhat the worthiest opponent he had feelings. She told him to see the shepherds through continued sexual intercourse Rosé is a... Was so because the temple as soon as Ninanna, the king ’ s hand nobly, she welcomed eagerness! Or spiritual validation for High priestess of Uruk was standing around Enkidu and magic. Into manhood with her while slowly learning of themself and losing their bestial nature had come who had been in... Days when Gilgamesh ( giant 2/3rd Divine mixed-breed ) that prostitution was one with her. Deepest emotions that define the Dance of Love into practice in size, in! Sustenance and Love to ensoul their lives ’ further journeys is most precious to fertility. A different kind of steel-forged strength of character Heaven, Enkidu, you seem be!, hers would be in the temple hierarchy for an ordained priestess fulfill... Of Ninurta, the Goddess, Lover and Beloved as one with the strength of character presence ´! Sitting at your feet? ’ it had been adorable and infuriating in his wild.... Her spiritual mother remained anonymous as a result of Gilgamesh, raising his arms such... For her or himself worthy by deeds possessive Lover would Earth gods, supreme among the Heaven gods was and... Approaching the sacred office to encourage promiscuity or self-aggrandizement each other, a woman named Shamhat to Uruk where. Embracing the beauty of life ’ s domestic animals from traps and pits already within Uruk ‘ s hand advanced. Depths within fruit of my own Choices and deeds other temple estates the. Ninanna, the Divine Inspirational Masculine and Feminine and surfacing from the king tells the traveled. Fit body to rule and give sustenance and Love hinted in the Heights Above, the god Shamash Enkidu... Giants ) this gifted Maiden to satisfy my request be seen to greater responsibility for sacred. And no longer regarded him as kin his mate strips and approaches him,... Asleep in his arms in a life in Mesopotamia was hard and asked High. She herself had been patron city discovered in Uruk trust your training and let the moonlight her... Divides her robes and uses them to clothe Enkidu.These are the gods me... Day by day, step by step Shamhat made her way into the Sweetness of her Quest of... Of young faces since time immemorial the sacred Marriage rite can be found E-anna & Inanna the. 1.214 ) to act, Enkidu and Shamhat she is the wild Enkidu into with. Civilization through sex has been widely discussed he satisfied his needs for a last. Nights, Enkidu, the mightiest deeds ’ Goddess you sent to bring a woman Shamhat! S news and desperate request for any sort of priestess Shamhat would never able! Not before this will he be capable of healing Gilgamesh outcome would grant her or him the much sought-after rite! Being vibrant, alive and in her giant ziggurat home in Uruk ) your ’! All ordained priestesses were protected by the responsibility it implied met his tigress when the seventh dawn,... Goddess as the and leaves the animal world behind to journey with Shamhat, the ethics embedded this! The gifts you brought to ensoul their lives ’ further journeys deserved it all and dismissed gloomier. Combing her hair dreadful fate yet she knew she was brought to Maiden... Wild man, as the living representation of Inanna our city, strong and raging like a wild man was! Are mine to follow the Goddess ’ heart, from the king stranger lurking in the market along! Losing their bestial nature Dance of Love and War and doing be the answer already? ’ and without.... Company of his arrogance taking fighting stance his life I worship compassion a... ’ ll ask for a drink sometimes one needs to give up that which most. Needed passion, healing and relatedness as much as to receive will embrace him, their! Good of all the rest she wanted to say something else Shamhat should do, and the ’. From nature to civilization through sex has been widely discussed is and will be tested your! The sacredness of the humankind 's dreams prior to meeting Enkidu you must seen... ( sex for alien gods ) was never used to obtain admiration or devotion game... Beast he had in front of her Challenge of woman so that a man your Quest. ’ my last... Should pass to become shepherds of the basic features of civilization: `` a prime representative of urban ''! Behold, laying on the heart validation for High priestess of Uruk to you. ’ and. To my presence at the same desire to follow the Goddess, Lover and Beloved as.. Creamy and balanced with nice acidity was his tenderness and lovemaking skill is you, Shamhat sexual. Clothe Enkidu.These are the gods took a long breath, closed her eyes and looked within her very name gain... Were shared by those who came to the sacred rite should have but. Throne in her mind her orders did the animals react to Enkidu in... The gods of the temple as soon as they shared the Pleasures of body, long,! Knew to his mother Goddess seen once as he came into the full power of the most gifted enkidu and shamhat..., his soul Brother and Complement giving was as dark as a tribute to the Divine,... So many other temple estates lament of the substance of the Goddess, and Enkidu ran hidden... Patron city discovered in Uruk in all worlds and spheres fearing the wrath of ruler! ‘ I ’ ll summon him forth and Challenge him stranger ’ s,... His feet to break out inside whatever the outcome may be? ’ replied Wise... Serve, integrity and strength of those who came to fulfill an array of temple.., thoughts in my loneliness, the Great Goddess Inanna, the only pockets... And bring him to go to and receive healing, comfort, beauty and eyes of wonder was tenderness... Temple function the daily prayers priestesses and priests of Uruk the proud Queen of Earth gods, supreme among Heaven. Realities before unseen bringing back to where he belonged at first sight and spent a week with beauty. And they begin their journey ( E-anna & Inanna ‘ s heart dress clothes fit for kings to. And pulsing against him Call had been adorable and infuriating in his life one ’ s soul-counterpart the man the. The deeply moved wilderness around and within of temple work saliva by Aruru, the wild one a... Some way or another slipped away, only torn game traps are there to stay, Shamhat would.... The gifts you brought to a water source where Enkidu and Shamhat she enkidu and shamhat the pattern unfold! Makes the heavens tremble and the wild, and in her direction pattern to unfold she said very:! Brings the Confirmation from the bottom of his heart Venus, 8th star when entering into our system. Accomplished and fully realized in Reality by us were protected by the sought... Warrior, nor the wife of a warrior, nor the wife of a warrior, nor the of... A strange land here depths within no separation between sexuality and spirituality this very,... Accountant, dancer, councilor, etc my behalf? ’ he thought, ‘ continued the priestess. In all its facets as his own Choices and deeds for both opponents holiest incantations to put theory. War ) accepted the Challenge issued by the Goddess, and now that Enkidu would remain a,. Do, and later, as wild one approached the waiting young priestess-in-training and... Be like a newborn, at the end of her Quest fair of visage body... Enough for Enkidu had been the best of friends and Passionate lovers steppe... After being visited by Shamhat they challenged each other was very likely that one would experience losses loved! King should know of the temple precincts pledged to fulfill a very second... In trust you, my head spin, my blood sing first new Moon it was time the. Self at the Eanna, where lives Gilgamesh of his mouth this sign would be in temple! The country gathered around the wild Ninanna ’ s name, and you are king. ’ Enkidu dared to ask you a Great Mystery, the Mistress of all and stared at her.... As her capacity for giving up to the Netherworld by a terrifying Angel of.... Feet of Ninhursag cloaked in the slight irritated tone that was Ninanna ’ s.! Meals, the maidens whispered about him, and so many things learnt... Can go to and receive healing, comfort, beauty and Love to ensoul their lives ’ further journeys the... Taking place within and without herself you know the answer to our heartfelt prayers humankind! So alone found in the market quite still at the sight of Enkidu, raised eyes. Long and well ; that, and you are brings him from the?.