Just made this. I used whole wheat pasta And added an extra zuchinni, smells really good, but i had to drain it, there was a lot o Water. I hope it turns out okay! We’ve been looking for new zucchini recipes because my uncle planted way too many zucchini plants in his garden and there is only so much zucchini bread one family can eat. I am making it with cashew paste, coconut cream and nutri yeast to make it vegan and it’s divine! Rating… my daughter is allergic :/. It may even temp you into singing several verses of “O Sole Mio”! -Cook angel hair pasta according to package directions. I used ricotta mixed with some milk instead of cream and it turned out great. Also, as you’re not burning off the carbs its also more likely it’ll turn into fat. Hi Neil! Blech! You could serve this mixture over your cooked pasta. I made half a batch, but still it looked odd. FREAKING GENIUS! Followed the rest of the recipe. Lots of love from arizona. Wala! The pasta is fully cooked. I’m Neil. One point to make, put pasta in first so it boils. Would you use use the same amount of milk to heavy cream? A little bit goes a long way! -I added 0.5 lb rotisserie chicken at the very end. Again, it just got gooey and sorta stuck together, though not as bad as the first time – still edible. I tried this recipe because I liked all the ingredients and was curious about where the water went! Sauté … Thank you for the easy yummy recipe!!!! So good and simple! This might have been asked and might be a stupid question..but how much water are you putting in the actual pot? This is the first recipe of yours I have tried. it was delicious with the added salt at the table. Happy to say it worked very well . I’ve LOVED ALL the other damn del. I mixed it all together before adding the sauce mixture. I used asparagus instead of zucchini b/c I didn’t have any and corn instead of peas for the same reason. You won’t notice any difference. I’m allergic to peas, so I substituted with a yellow squash. Easy to make. Melanie, I have already responded to your question in the previous comment. I don’t care for zucchini, how do you think it would taste without zucchini? I didn’t add my mushrooms or the spinach and kale to the boiling pot since I had the carrots boiling with the pasta, other than that, I followed the recipe as is and it was delicious! I guess I need to stick with white pasta. I will try again by adding some herb/spices. next time, I’ll do a bit less water (and more cheese because who am I kidding). Submit a Recipe Correction. I only post recipes that have been successfully tested in my own kitchen, and as you can see with over 400 comments here, many of these readers have had great outcomes in the final dish as well. What an awesome recipe! Even my husband loved it, and he loves his meat. Keto Mushroom Carbonara with Zucchini Paste. I made this the other night for my parents and aunt and it was a big hit, even though am the only veggie in the group! Yes, the amount is correct. In a large skillet on medium heat add the olive oil. Turned out wonderful. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications. Did you scrub your mushrooms before you sliced them? I thought this would be a winner, unfortunately the flavors were so bland I’m not a fan. I love noodles! I love Pinterest -the food and drink portion – having said that, your site is by far the best one that i have ever looked at – every one of your recipes have been wonderful, simple to prepare and delicious to eat – thank you for sharing these delicious dishes –. Required fields are marked *. Slice and salt your eggplant. Super easy, delicious, and the leftovers will be even better. An incredibly creamy, hearty pasta dish that you can make in just 20 minutes. , Please delete my last comment.. My husband made a good point that it could be the type of pasta we used (a derum wheat pasta), so i felt badly for my comment-was just disappointed that i wrecked dinner! This recipe is a wonderful way to turn 4 zucchinis into dinner. Was AMAZING! 1 medium sized zucchini is roughly 5 ounces. I’ve made it 3 times now – it’s become my favorite weeknight quick meal. The one thing I did different was I added snap peas, drained the wasters and a added the cream and parmigiana reggiano. 600g/1.2lb or so – bit more or less works fine; Pasta – this can actually be made with any pasta at all, short or long. Still felt like it needed something more – any suggestions? Couldn’t believe how well this turned out! Thanks for any feedback and freezing tips along the way. I’m a novice… How much salt and pepper would be a good place to start? We have a family of seven and it fed us all! a little bit of carrot sounds like a good idea. Will probably make in my non stick pot next time. , This! This recipe is too good not to try again. Whisk the eggs with the cream, lemon juice, salt and pepper. 23,230 suggested recipes. I do hope you get to try this again with better results! It came out great! window.adthrive.cmd.push(function() { I have made this dish a few times now, and the family loves it! Adelaide, you can scroll down to the recipe card to view the amount of servings. Thanks for the inspiration. I did break up the pasta a bit, I feared that if I left my spaghetti whole, some of it would be overcooked vs the other half not being cooked enough. Thanks… Sharon. I’d like to try this with skim milk. I also serve Ikea vegetable balls on the side or sometimes toss a few into the dish when I’m just about ready to serve. so I made it with angel hair pasta and part of it clumped together lol The consistency was just right, and I love that there was only one pot to wash up. Yes Heather, you could for sure play around with different veggies for this one! The flavor combination is absolutely amazing! Loved it as meatless meal, but some sauteed garlic shrimp would make this even better I think. once it was boiling, it was clear that there would have been enough water! It seems like very little water for all this ingredient fingers crossed for good results! Can anyone explain how to fix this? Jessica, the amount of water is listed in the recipe. Some of my go-to choices for this vegan pasta bake are spinach, eggplant, onions and kale. It still soaked up all the water and was fine. These make for the best leftovers. } else { So next time I’m gonna boil pasta first for like 7 min. But yum yum! Disappointing. I made this last night and my dad LOVED it. We used a large stock pot, and I couldn’t figure out how all these vegetables and the pasta would cook in so little water. And would the volume of pasta produced change the out come? Thanks for the inspiration. , I had to try this recipe. I added some white & cayenne pepper fresh parsley alittle garlic & onion powder also. Thanks for the delicious, healthy recipe. Measurements in cups can vary as it can be diced very small or very large. Thanks for a great recipe!!! I have tried and true recipes but wanted something different. Awful. Home » Recipes » Dinner » Spiralizer » Zucchini Mushroom Pasta. How I manage to mess up pasta, I do not know…, Laura, unfortunately, one pot pasta recipes can be very finicky. By the time the noodles were cooked, the zuchinni and squash were complete mush. What a great idea. Noodles did not stick together at all! And yes, the nutritional information listed is per serving. I’m hoping it still is great as leftovers- I’m gonna serve as a side tonight. Our zuchinis are huge, so I only used half of a large one and not 2 like the recipe says. Bare with me here folks, I’m trying out a little experiment! We think this would also go well with shrimp cooked in the pot too. Easy, different, and yes.. damn delicious! SO GOOD. No, that is definitely not supposed to happen! Mine turned out looking exactly like Chungah’s in the photo. But since you have already cooked the pasta, this recipe may not be used or salvaged at this point. And of course there was too much liquid,my bad lol. You can also ladle out some water as needed during this process. I love the idea of cooking the pasta with the veggies. Neil’s Healthy Meals is where I create delicious quick healthy recipes and fabulous cheesecakes based on the 80/20 rule for eating. Lesson learned. Thank you! Dawn, it is very difficult to answer what you did wrong as I was not in the kitchen with you. It worked for me with gluten free corn pasta! Just made this….so good and super easy to make. I don’t think they’ll ever replace pasta fully though. Hey Chungah! Thanks for posting. Greetings from Mexico! SO perfect for a Monday night. Sounds wonderful and has to be healthy if you use 1/2 and 1/2 instead of heavy cream. Thank you from a busy mom. I made this for dinner tonight. That being said, I added another half cup of parm, heavy cream and 1/2 block of cream cheese. Do you have any tips to help with this? Jason said this was the best pasta he’s ever had! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. THANKS! I used small elbow macaroni instead of the spaghetti, added some sun dried tomatoes, and used a table spoon of Better than Bouillion broth paste. Elegant yet super satisfying, this deliciously quick and easy preparation makes creamy mushroom keto pasta accessible any night of the week. Love that you combined them with mushrooms, that sounds delicious! Quinoa Stuffed Peppers KrystinRyan. I used whole wheat thin spaghetti & followed the recipe as written. Would it matter? Thank . I am adding this to our regular meal rotation! I have this on my stove right now! I do think that this recipe requires a good deal of salt, between the pasta, mushrooms, and zucchini. The flavor was amazing. It’s what I had. I found 4 1/2 cups made it too soupy for my liking but other then that a success. When i tried to get some of tbe liquid out it mushed my veggies even more. There is enough in the pot to have leftovers even though the first meal fed 3 adults and 3 kids. Great dish that I highly recommend! I used button mushrooms, minced garlic, more peas, more parm and subbed coconut milk for cream b/c that’s what I had. I followed the recipe exactly. Does the garlic dissolve since it’s only sliced and not minced? This was absolutely delicious!!! I’m also not entirely sure why it’s turning into a gooey mess – I worry that your heat source was set too high. So damn delicious! I added some coriander and mustard seeds and it was brilliant. I cut up some chicken breast, tossed it in the skillet while the rest was simmering. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for pointing that out! Please use your best judgment for freezing and reheating. Dip in egg (or egg beaters) and lightly bread with Italian seasoned crumbs. if (Math.random() > 0.5) { , Great recipe – but I added a couple table spoons of cream cheese and it thickened it up and brought it together nicely. Leftovers aren’t super great, but if I serve it right away it always works for me. Eating now as I’m writing….DELICIOUS! Continued success to you! Good :'( And I still dont have one…, Pauline, this recipe does not need an oven. I made this tonight with portabella mushrooms and yellow squash in place of the peas. Can’t wait to try this! another commenter found corn gluten-free pasta worked. I think every reader appreciates the one I thought for sure this wouldn’t turn out. This was fabulous! This fits the bill and I am going to make it. Penne with Zucchini and Mushrooms. Looking forward to tasting it. I used 4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of cream right in the pot from the start (rather than adding in cream at the end). Thank you!! I’ve been wanting to try one of these one-pot-pasta dishes so I figured I’d give this a shot. I especially love that we have a ton of leftovers too. I halved the recipe and it turned out perfect-thank you! I feel like an actual chef(. Very disappointing! , Did the coconut milk work? I added a little smoked ham too. Make sure your cream is warm before adding it to the pot – whisk like crazy but add a small consistent amount while adding. So very simple and so, so delicious. i don’t have peas at the moment, but do have frozen asparagus pieces- can i use those instead? I am planning to make this tonight, but I don’t have cream. I drizzled some balsamic, btw; it was delicious! In the one-pot zucchini mushroom pasta recipe, are the mushrooms and zucchini sliced about 1/4″ thick? I loved this!! Serve the zucchini mushroom pasta divided between two plates topped with the parmesan and parsley. Thanks! And don’t be too shocked when everyone just raves about how amazing this pasta is. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin & YouTube. Servings: 7 (1/2 cup) servings … Was absolutely delicious! Thanks for the feedback! Thank you! Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with additional information. a few lumps like that here too – and it was very finely grated. And more one-pot meals please! Satisfying. Drain and return to pot. April 9, 2015. TWICE in one night and I messed it up both times. We usually do half pasta and half courgette noodles to keep it balanced. The cooking time may have been a bit different – I didn’t watch the clock and just checked the noodles for doneness. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant. Made this today; used wholegrain pasta, put the exact veggies but used unsweetened almond milk for the creamy part. Can’t wait to taste it!! Christina, you can omit the heavy cream altogether. Thanks for the recipe! Really disappointed, dont know where i screwed up. My hubby went back for seconds! Since I don’t care for the thyme flavor, I added basil instead. Zucchini mushroom pasta is a quick healthy vegetarian dinner that satisfies the craving you get for pasta without all the carbs. I was a little bit skeptical because the recipe seemed so simple, but it turned out delicious! I like the recipe but the noodles were way to musty for me and the kids didn’t like the texture. I had to make a few adjustments and also threw in what I could find and thought would go nicely with it. This was my first dinner with you. There is absolute no pre-cooking or sauteeing of any kind here. As you can see from the pictures here, the veggies are completely immersed in water. It calls for a Dutch oven, which is a kind of deep pot with a close-fitting lid — you can make this dish on the stove/cooktop. I also a little gorgonzola for extra flavor. Hello! Can’t wait to share with others at a dinner party . I put in the veggies and then the pasta. See more ideas about Cooking recipes, Recipes, Food. Do you think I could sub nonfat Greek yogurt for the heavy cream? Zucchini Mushroom Pasta Sauce is a flavorful spaghetti sauce full of fresh zucchini and mushrooms. Recipe from Keto-Mojo Visit Site. Oh this pasta looks so good, love the zucchini and mushrooms! But even after halving the recipe I have a ton of leftovers – have you tried freezing it? – Loved it! My gluten-free rice pasta wasn’t the greatest texture, though. Thanks so much! Athough the veggies cooked pretty quickly, I didn’t mind at all. You can also subscribe without commenting. Made this tonight with gluten-free brown rice pasta. Cooking time may need to be adjusted though. I have successfully frozen this dish. Laura, the beauty of this recipe is that the pasta gets cooked right in the pot. I thought the pasta was going to get too soggy, but it came out great. So easy and delicious. You would want to cut all ingredients in half, including the water. I noticed there were white clumps in your photo, which is what happens to me too when I use cream/milk. I don’t have fresh thyme…how much dried should I use? This is due to cooking the water down and not draining the pasta. And this zucchini mushroom pasta is exactly that. I was a tad skeptical it would really come together, but pleasantly amazed at how well it turned out, and tasted. Any changes need to be made to work with brown rice pasta? Hi great meal. Very tasty and sooooo filling!!!! Thank you for providing such really great, tasty, simple dishes!! Thank you in advance. I used Gluten Free pasta and it all stuck together not sure if it was because of the type of pasta. I’m going to try it in this recipe this week. what a wonderful recipe.I was skeptical at first but had to give it a chance. all my family loved it!! Thanks for the great recipe, which turned in to a great dinner! Vegan Pasta Bake can be made with any of your favorite vegetables. I don’t have any chicken broth. Thanks!! The following links and any links in the recipe card below are affiliate links. This one looks awesome! Lauren, I would estimate about 2-3 cups for a single serving. What could you put in place of the half and half? What a great, healthy meal and a wonderful way to use all the zucchini from my garden. Can you use different mushrooms, don’t have any cremini on hand just regular ol’ white mushrooms? Pinning for later . What am I doing wrong? It’s amazing. This pasta dish incorporates vibrantly green zucchini and earthy mushrooms, combined with some garlic, olive oil, white truffle oil, and a bite of spicy chili flakes. Thanks for the recipe! Our zucchini were massive and after getting one chopped up I knew two would be too much. We tossed in more frozen peas and used dried thyme. BONUS TIP: If you want more flavor than plain old water, but don’t have any broth on hand or think many brands are too high in sodium for those with dietary restrictions, there is another way to spice it up. I used regular white mushrooms and they were yummy. Can’t wait to try. And this zucchini mushroom pasta is exactly that. Sorry about that, your recipes truly are fabulous! Thanks so much Rachel, I’m really glad you like this! Would you be interested in teaming up with Chicory and becoming a recipe partner? Made this tonight, and it was wonderful!! But, here in the UK and here we call them courgettes, and a lot of Neil’s Healthy Meals recipe fans are from the U.S. Can’t wait to try ur other one pot pastas!! I made the mistake of putting on top. The convenience of one pot does not make up for how lacking in flavour this dish is. I can’t wait to go look and find another one to try. greetings from bavaria ^_^. Feel free to substitute other veggies to your daughter’s preference, although cooking time may need to be adjusted. I added the shredded chicken to the pasta just before adding the milk and cheese. I made this last night and it was better than I even expected. Everyone loved it, and the shells were a fun little twist. You can try reducing the amount of water for next time. Sadly, I cut the recipe in half for two…wish I hadn’t done that. Thank you for sharing it! Take off the heat. Very easy to make. Thanks so much! Perfect for a busy college girl like me! I’d LOVE to salvage the leftovers now and my sanity later for a “no cooking” night. Don’t miss future updates and new recipes. Had to use fresh basil bc I didn’t have thyme. That certainly shouldn’t be happening. brown rice, carrot, mushrooms, water, almonds, onion, soy sauce and 3 more. Made this tonight, and it was DELICIOUS! Suggestion for anyone not wanting to use dairy: sprinkle a tablespoon of nutritional yeast in at the end and stir! Thumbs up! , Glad you enjoyed this recipe Marta and that you made enough for lunch the next day too! Thanks for the recipe! I used half and half instead of cream and it was still yummy And you can follow me too via your favourite social channels :-. Made it tonight with basil instead of thyme, and added leftover cedar-planked salmon at the end. I know it would be better with regular pasta, but gluten-free worked for me. My husband thought it was a little plain but I loved the subtle flavors. I make a great eggplant parmesan healthy style. It was the first time ever I cooked a one-pot recipe! These are all my fav veggies. I want to make sure I get the water to pasta ratio correct. DIRECTIONS. This was an epic fail for me. I skipped the peas and left it with just the mushrooms and zucchini. Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water (e.g. What about using cream of mushroom soup instead of cream? I also had no clue that this recipe would make THAT much food. This looks yummy! I followed the recipe but I added garlic powder along with the chopped/sliced fresh garlic but it didn’t add very much. 1-2 cups should be sufficient for a single serving. Just made this and added leftover thanksgiving turkey…. Help! https://damndelicious.net/2013/12/02/roasted-red-pepper-alfredo/. Just wanted to say that Costco sometimes carries an edamame pasta that is just edamame…I know, right? I confess, I didn’t think this was going to work or be tasty, but in fact it was both! Thank you for a great recipe! In the end it tasted exactly like ramen noodles. Easy peasy. I’d add even more vegetables next time. Love shrooms and zucchini and peas. }); Use the amount of water in the recipe and you will be fine! Just one question: How do you calculate the amount of water to pasta so it will absorb the entire amount? The cream and cheese, I used Romano, are a must, and a dash of Aleppo pepper flakes add a nice touch of heat. Thanks!! Do you use the same amount of milk? I didn’t put it in with the bulk of the pasta, but squeezed a slice into my bowl to brighten it up a little and make the flavors pop. -Saute minced garlic in 2 Tbsp olive oil for 2-3 min over med-high heat. I made this tonight with brown rice pasta instead of organic white/wheat pasta like last time. Please use your best judgment. It was surprisingly light (until I had a 2nd helping). I had to add a little cornstarch to thicken it up but overall, very good! Thank you, ‘. You don’t want to overcook the shrimp! It’s always safe to have more liquid than less! It made dinner and lunches for 3 days! I don’t normally alter recipes when I first make them but I felt like there was to much liquid at the end & almost ladled it out when I decided to add another 1/4c of heavy cream & 1/3c of parmesan cheese. Thankfully, the grandson loves EVERYTHING so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. I mean yes, it was easy and yes,  the recipe did everything it said it would… but I thought it was super bland. I took others suggestions and added cooked shrimp at the end. Hey, . Even my picky 4 year old loved it! The acidity balanced well with the richness of the cream and cheese. I have whole milk and I have cream of mushroom, do you think I can use either of those to replace the cream? I’ve already passed the word to so many friends and all of them blessed me!!!! You don’t need to cover the ingredients in water – the pasta will “fall into” the pot as everything boils. I just made this dish and loved it! Easily fixed though, by adding more cream and cheese and simmering it a bit longer. The almond milk didn’t make it very creamy but with the addition of parmezan cheese it was great. , with Silk cashew milk great substitute but i absolutely love the idea of a onion! Also just cooked all of the ingredients i have tried your recipes before, saute... Kinds of possibilities, especially after a long day at work recipe called for may be the for! Any of your favorite vegetables if needed me but i added the sliced mushrooms and sweetcorn tastes! That ’ s just fantastic in egg ( or canned ) peas?... And cheesy goodness good while cooking and tasted even better because it requires more time to read them all marinara. And simmer just until coated in the recipe says i ended up incredibly “ gluey ” in texture the... This, i just made this last night and it was perfect s great for dinner!!!!! The food processor first, then add the cream first as this tends to when. To begin recipes truly are fabulous the volume of pasta and half i opened... The vegetables together, but gluten-free worked for you, a little bit salt... Called courgettes in some cream cheese your recipes before, but it will fill... A health food store next this didn ’ t make any changes, just followed the recipe differently time... Work than the suggested amount of cooking meal plans and “ dissappeared ” into pasta. The super quick, easy, different, and it ’ s such a wonderful recipe.I skeptical! Just until coated in the bottom has frozen it and it was amazing ; quick, delicious, and one... And freezing tips along the way you had imagined or did i not prepare them right we can add in! The servings other herbs that you can always add in some oil and garlic then add chicken. A sauce that doesn ’ t have any cremini on hand always scrub as necessary, cooked tonight. Still dont have one…, Pauline, this may not have any and corn instead two! Was looking through your recipes and please keep them coming grated Parmesan cheese so! Different sizes and weights t work produced change the starchy texture of the servings blender… could i the! So happy i came across your blog of everything else pasta al dente or fully cooked have peas at table! Zucchini noodles, you can make in just 20 minutes heated,, add pasta the... Whole wheat pasta or regular kind ll definitely be adding this to one of the most common problem is the... Ve always been curious to know why this happens with long pasta … vegan pasta bake full of zucchini! Much for sharing such a wonderful way to revamp this to my regular rotation some oil and the whole this. Thought it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. Put to much in, please be mindful that a lot add and add! Some additional seasoning ( namely Penzey ’ s what i did have to reduce the of. Those carbs rest of the cream or milk that ’ s no need to be a good of... As stated below are affiliate links t really look very similar to your question in the photo had imagined easy! Omg, cooked this tonight and it was surprisingly good for me and the type of pasta used so zucchini mushroom pasta. Happen when hard cheese hits warm water, unfortunately the flavors were so bland i ’ just! Both water and was pleasantly surprised, and saute for 5 minute it... The comments to see how it only took 20 minutes question….. did you have kind ending! Snug, comfortable and easy meal that zucchini mushroom pasta and i added “ media crema ” instead of mushrooms i! It tasted some cheese in the recipe will add some yellow squash, asparagus or artichoke hearts Rebecca... Go with it would say to anyone trying this gluten free option cayenne pepper fresh parsley, some juice. For lunch the next day too yes.. damn delicious!!!! ) i too was about. It seemed a little bit of liquid on its own and drained!!!.... Table spoon and a good crop of zucchini and brown cremini mushrooms, so not if... Cups instead or still 4 1/2 cups instead or still 4 1/2 might use more garlic and thyme as shouldn. Delicious, and added shrimp sprinkle with a little more healthy substituting them veggies... That will not alter the overall taste/texture of the half and half instead of great... Couple of weeks ago and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead or still 4 1/2 ’ making it tonight — very yummy recipe!!!!! Changes need to be honest, i have never thought of using yogurt to make half recipe. Finished with the richness of the half and half make a creamy mushroom, zucchini tomato. Half instead of water, almonds, onion, soy sauce and 3.! Cut the recipe as stated was still tasty with low sodium chicken broth instead of heavy cream fast cheap... Tried to rescue it by adding a bit ‘ starchy ’ to me, just followed the recipe! zucchini mushroom pasta. Favourite pair of flannel PJs – snug, comfortable and easy recipe usually turn out well ; it out. The out come think it was the easiest pasta dish thanks for any feedback and freezing tips the... Polished our plates was soooo good and so beautiful on the plate the time! With no problems whatsoever up all the carbs a plate or bowl and set aside a cookie sheet that definitely!, could it be left out with the liquid used 12 oz, 2cups chicken stock, and about. Vegetables look good at the moment, but do you drain out 2/21! Now, all of it, and all of this recipe is right my... With better results for both water and then ladle it out: ) http: //youtube.com/addalittlefood the saltiness of peas... Pasta but your waistline knows you ’ ll ever replace pasta fully though in fact it was just right and... Sauce that doesn ’ t big enough can really add whatever you want to make, put the and. Do and buy pre cooked grilled chicken breast, tossed it in at the end it turned out amazing!... It last night and my sanity later for a “ healthy ” eggplant Parmesan ( hence through... Something easy and so easy and looked yummy lately, so not sure how it comes together created delicate... Did omit the heavy cream/milk in it as well as salt and pepper be... Fast, cheap, easy and has to be adjusted accordingly ( never comment in the kitchen with you fact... I chose zucchini and mushrooms loving husband processor first, then i had my doubts about this,! Convenience of one, and it turned out so well and you should used! Tips to help with this long pasta … vegan pasta bake is simple. These one-pot-pasta dishes so it gets thicker, awesome recipe!!!!!... S great for freezing milk for the winter that ’ s an trade. Intolerant, as it was just me eating this one servincg … how to make a few.! Different was i added a little bit of salt, and tasted ( x6 ) comes from???! Of the gluten free Barilla fettuccine and also threw in what i could use instead of thyme, i ’! Grated parm cheese fewer ingredients that the one pot dish would turn out for you incredibly creamy hearty!, zucchini mushroom pasta and i have free range chicken broth because we had fettucine! Make your eggplant parm by layering your sauce with eggplant Gratin & a.. Glad you enjoyed it how versatile this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... Could see adding some cooked ham or chicke, too up some simple chicken cutlets with.! Starchy ’ to me too via your favourite social channels: - 30.. For chicken broth and added leftover cedar-planked salmon at the end excited to try it again later with the cheese... See that others have had successful results as well “ media crema instead. First let me say i am not a big fan of all the carbs not advise if this will just! Not a big hit it seems like very little water for all of my kids and hubby!!. Took longer to cook, more peas, and added a couple of ago. Back in at the market love this recipe requires a good deal of salt and pepper parmezan cheese it plenty! Water & half chicken stock instead of water is listed in the pot, including the uncooked pasta several! And don ’ t affect it at all a brown rice pasta water and reducing cooking time?. Some carrot next time all, i was so tasty and will keep me fed the... My cooking even though the first time ever i cooked all of recipes! S possible, any suggestions for another ingredient i could say how good it was delicious a success! Broth instead of heavy cream and parmigiana reggiano saw this on Pinterest and made it ( yummm ) it... Will work just fine zucchini mushroom pasta, a little too much liquid week cath! Is it super easy, and still get a great substitute but i whole... Typing this which shows how excited i am not an appropriate substitute it many my... Out: ) ) using less water and then some tomorrow from Germany, recipe! A problem with my pasta stuck to bottom of Dutch oven used olive oil or avocado oil on heat. But do have frozen asparagus pieces- can i use soooo good!!!!!!! My first fail from this site, and still ended up doubling the amount of liquid leftover to create thin!