найте численность населения в вашем регионе! Other previously declared water reserves have been relinquished for urbanisation or abandoned due to overpumping and pollution from human settlement. Bonriki / Kiribati (Gilbert-Inseln)", "Vulnerability of Freshwater Lens on Tarawa – The Role of Hydrological Monitoring in Determining Sustainable Yield", "ADB and Australia to Help Kiribati Improve Sanitation, Public Hygiene (Press Release)", "Largest cities in the world ranked by population density", "Kiribati profile on New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade official Site", "Politics: Easing congestion and overcrowding", Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs (Kiribati), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=South_Tarawa&oldid=996374152, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2015, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Eita/Taborio; Abairarang (scout) Is. Brief History. The land area of South Tarawa is officially recorded as 3,896 acres (1,577 ha) or 15.76 square km. But the threat of disease hounds Betio, the most populated section of South Tarawa, an island in Kiribati, where there are around 15,000 inhabitants per square kilometre. Since Kiribati became independent in 1979, the population of South Tarawa has tripled, and now stands at 56,388 people (2015). South Tarawa is the economic hub of Kiribati, the location of the main port and airport and of most of the state-owned enterprises and private businesses. It comprises North Tarawa, which has 6,629 inhabitants and much in common with other more remote islands of the Gilberts group, and South Tarawa, which has 56,388 inhabitants as of 2015 , half of the country's total population. Kiribati became independent from the United Kingdom in 1979. Young people are especially likely to be unemployed. [7], These islets are now joined by causeways, forming one long islet on the reef along the southern side of the Tarawa Lagoon. However, the poor condition of the network and the limited water supply mean that water can only be supplied to each village for around 2 hours every two days. The total population according to the 2015 population census is 110,110-an increase of 7,052 persons over the last 2010 census total of 103,058. The combination of overcrowding and inadequate water, sanitation, and poor hygiene behaviors is closely linked to waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery. South Tarawa has an official land area of 15.76 square kilometers and a population (in 2010) of 50,182, giving a population density of 3,184 people per square kilometer. Most schools and community buildings have no water supply at all, and many households rely on polluted groundwater due to the shortage of treated water. Soon it will be possible to see the city of South Tarawa on the map. $ 39.99. South Tarawa; North Tarawa; Gilbert Outer Islands ... in the Gilbert Islands which is a raised limestone Island. This is despite the marginal environment and overcrowding of the capital, which these flows of people are worsening. The population of this country is relatively small, just over 100,000. The climate in South Tarawa is a Tropical rainforest climate (Koppen: Af) which is warm and humid all year round and average rainfalls are relatively high. Solomon Airlines flies to Honiara and Brisbane at least once a week. Tarawa island is central to Kiribati mythology and culture, but life on South Tarawa was little different to that on other islands before it was selected in 1895 as the seat of colonial government for the Protectorate of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. South Tarawa has very limited water resources for its rapidly growing population. The highest point on South Tarawa is only a few meters above sea level, making the island extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. [14], The Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD) is involved in the replanting of mangroves in selected sites to help against coastal erosion; however, much more is required to protect many of the sites eroded on South Tarawa including islets that once were protected with mangrove and iron-wood (tengea) trees. "Kiribati Country Assistance Strategy (Press Release)", "Klimatafel von Tarawa, Int. Coastal erosion will accelerate in future, due to climate change related sea level rise.[4]. The 2015 population census is the 13th population census in Kiribati since the first census in 1931 and many people and organizations have been involved in the planning and preparatory activities—during the actual census enumeration phase, and in the subsequent coding and data It has invested in facilities such as the South Kiribati Hospital to spread institutions and services out around the islands and relieve South Tarawa from overcrowding.[18]. Betio was the location of the Battle of Tarawa. The atoll is about three meters above sea level—roughly the height of a bus—and has an average width of just 450 meters.It is also one of the most densely populated places in the Pacific: this narrow stretch of land encompasses about half of the country’s population of 110,000 people. Tarawa Tarawa is an atoll and the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, in the central Pacific Ocean.It comprises North Tarawa, which has 6,629 inhabitants and much in common with other more remote islands of the Gilberts group, and South Tarawa, which has 56,388 inhabitants as of 2015, half of the country's total population. South Tarawa is one of the most densely populated areas in the Pacific. The Roman Catholic Diocese is based in Teaoraereke, the Kiribati Uniting Church in Antebuka, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Kiribati in Bikenibeu, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Eita.[4]. Before its formation, Tarawa was a part of Earth when the land, sky, and ocean had not yet been separated. Fiji Airways flies to Bonriki International Airport on South Tarawa from Nadi, on Mondays and Thursdays. Households on South Tarawa do not have the option to retreat from coastal erosion, as the atoll is narrow and already crowded. Численность населения Южная Тарава. The capital has about 60,000 residents in 6.08 square miles (15.76 square kilometers), given got a population density of 9,267 persons per square mile. Impact of the Church Area A-L (hect) Population Census (C) 1985-05-10 Population Census (C) 1990-11-07 Population Census (C) 1995-11-07 Population Census (C) 2000-11-07 At the local government level, South Tarawa has two administrative subdivisions, created by John Hilary Smith in 1972: Buota, which is part of North Tarawa and administered by the Eutan Tarawa Council (or ETC), is linked by road to South Tarawa and is experiencing many similar issues of rapid population growth, urbanisation and environmental degradation. (2005 prelim.) image caption Kiribati's main island - South Tarawa - has a population density similar to Tokyo or Hong Kong The Pacific island chain of Kiribati is one of … Most of South Tarawa is less than 3 metres (9.8 feet) above sea level with an average width of only 450 metres (1,480 feet).[4].