Many people can only manage presence for a few moments and then it’s back to the hullaballoo of their minds. in the past few days i have droped 4 glasses and broken 3. i am a firm believer in symbolim and i would like to know what this could mean in my life. One idea is that breaking glass symbolizes the veil to the spiritual world is breaking. Is someone from the spiritual world trying to reach out to you? Think of it as the singer and wine glass shattering scenario. symbolic meaning for broken glass? My windshield was cracked, I wasn't driving the vehicle, it was parked in my driveway. If you hit the right switch, the glass door will automatically open. Not a superstitious person by nature, but beleive in higher or spiritual things happening, if that makes sense. Here is where the façade of Santeria is broken and its true face is evident. This is derived from the custom of breaking a glass mirror. As a child, I always, yes always felt like I had eyes on me. Glass can symbolize the structure of time or in this case, the breaking of time constructs which is a cool symbol to see! Note two key things: mindfulness, and asking yourself what something means. Sometimes a stone or crystal just suddenly breaks. Our outdoor glass top table on the back patio had shattered for no reason and there was glass everywhere. What causes that to happen? i am not usually this clumsy and barely ever break glass One of the most common things that people are intrigued by is spiritual signs that death is near. Over the last month, I've had multiple types of glass breaking in my prescence. Instead, I refer to the spiritual path that most people are on as the conscious path. The frequencies of the wine glass … The thick glass is your current situation. About 15 instances, many not of my doing. The glass has been broken, and the remaining shards are crumbling. Not 'step on a crack, break your mother's back' type thing. Colorful Glass: If you saw a colorful glass in your dream, it reflects your nature. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass. Either way, it’s a definite signal from Spirit to pay attention and discover the meaning . A black glass means that people are trying to rule over you. Spirit still thinks of their phone as their connection to you and that’s what they would do if they wanted to speak to you, but of course if you were to pick up you would not hear them. If you have broken glass, you must be thinking that bad luck will follow you in … Try to use your creative ideas to break this barrier. Here are just some ways the spiritual world might just be trying to say hello. The Most Common Superstitions and Beliefs About Broken Glass. In most cases it is believed that broken glass is a symbol of misfortune. Let’s look at the energy aspect of what has happened. Even if you are a non-believer the spiritual contact makes for an interesting topic of discussion. Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of It can upset you especially when it is one of your most favorite pieces. Multi-Currency API for Developers. This is a beautiful thing, but it's different in that dedication and discipline are needed to get to the point of breaking the glass… Since ancient times people have believed that breaking glass is a bad sign.