Thank you!! I roasted the kale w the veggies instead of using cabbage just because I didn’t have any and wanted to be as efficient as possible but otherwise followed this to a T and it is DELISH. Thanks for sharing! I have never roasted purple cabbage, so that was kind of neat. But it all worked out. Thanks, Janine. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. (source). We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Used white beans instead of chickpeas as I had them on hand, worked perfectly as a substitute. Thank you! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. We are so glad you enjoyed it! I had this same question when preparing a different dish recently and, after doing some research, I realized that a lot of what are called yams in grocery stores are actually what most people consider to be a sweet potato. It was fast and easy. Move to one side of pan and wrap the parchment paper over top … Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! In the end, they turned out great! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! We love when dinner is made entirely on 1 pan! 6 ingredients, BIG flavor, dairy-free! And ha! 14 ingredients. #vegan #glutenfree #healthy #minimalistbaker Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? I’d say follow this as a loose guide. Speaking of easy, so is this recipe! They turned out great! I want to thank you so much for this great recipe, I tried it today and these cuties literally turned out to be the best fries ever! I used canola oil (in same amounts as listed in recipe) b/c I had it on hand, and I used a really good dried ginger instead of fresh (same as above). I found that things cooked a little more quickly for me, so next time I’ll check/flip them at 20 minutes instead. I made the mistake of not spreading them out enough on the baking sheet, so they didn’t get very crispy. Your website is the only place I go for recipes now, whether its dinner, a new salad or dessert that my non-vegan friends will love too! I’m going to make these today!! I will definitely be making this again, and possibly trying to go without the oil. What can I substitute for oil? Will definitely make it again. DELICIOUS Fluffy Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Carrots! Two cookie trays full of burnt fries after all that careful chopping to get them all equal in size & equally coated. I definitely want to try this with some broccoli added to the sheet pan. Also, lovely photos! Made this recently and we LOVED it! After our Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters took off we wanted to try a vegan version, and voi la! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Hope that helps! We will keep this meal in our rotation for sure. I also added all suggested toppings. 2m Followers, 50 Following, 3,016 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from MINIMALIST BAKER (@minimalistbaker) Xo. xo. Made this last night for dinner. My sweet potato was huge and I think I ended up with way more than 2 cups of cabbage. I’m just back from the grocery store buying the ingredients. We were on the hungry side last night so we used the Green Rice recipe you posted a few days ago as the base. I just cooked this dish for my Mother and both of our minds were blown. To top I made your new tahini miso dressing recipe and it was perfect- the flavours in the dressing and the curry really complimented each other! Top … I found cooking time to be on target–keep in mind that chick peas come out a bit crunchy (which we all liked). Preheat oven to 410 degrees F (210 C) and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. I didn’t do anything fancy for a dip either, just a little bit of mayo was a good pairing for me. I’d love to see some other one pan recipes. Love the idea of punching them up with lots of spice! Because I’ve made this recipe a few times, I have also tried keeping the chickpeas in the oven a bit longer to get them crispier, and I like it both ways. So glad to hear it, Sheri! I didn’t have garam masala but used a madras curry powder that was great as the lone spice. I served it with some tahini and swiss chard from the garden – stellar. I didn’t even add the garlic or ginger (maybe afraid of burning?) Whoop! After our Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters took off we wanted to try a vegan version, and voi la! Served with quinoa and spinach instead of kale. Search. This looks great – what do you mean when you say the tahini should be divided? We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Rachelle! This was lovely! Putting everything in the oven to roast is my favorite cooking method, and I can see making lots of variations on this concept so I appreciate the suggestions for various dressings, veggies, etc. I love these sweet potato fries! I’ve been on a sweet potato fry making spree lately. They’re the type of people where you can laugh and eat loads of Mexican food with and then turn around and be completely vulnerable and real. I agree with the other commenters that the vegetables roasted in much less time than given. How amazing! Loved the Cajun flavor. See more ideas about Baker recipes, Recipes, Vegan recipes. I’ve done curry powder on sweet potatoes but it never occurred to me to give Cajun spice blend a whirl. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Maia. Sweet potato fries don’t do so well without oil in my experience (they get dry and tough). Topped with the lemon tahini sauce (also great). With a half cup of farro or another grain, this makes a great weekday lunch. DELICIOUS Fluffy Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Carrots! I just made these to take on a picnic with my guy tomorrow and they’re soooo goood! Still not a fan of tahini and probably wouldn’t eat this dressing with any other meal but it truly complimented this and I can’t wait to make it again! It’s a great time saver, and we rarely bake sweet potatoes whole anymore. Let’s do this! Excited to try! Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes from Minimalist Baker. THat’s a great idea! It was pretty good, except that I definitely would have enjoyed the fries if they were thicker. I have a convection oven and set it to 400 and after 30 minutes everything was done – maybe I cut the cabbage a bit too thinly but it shriveled down to almost nothing – but still great! This is yet another fabulous recipe. I didn’t segregate, and it turned out fine, so it’s a forgiving recipe too. Add sweet potato wedges, cabbage, and chickpeas to the pan. However, I used about half a cabbage, cutting it into wedges to increase crispiness at the thinnest part and more of a steamed veggie on the thickest part. The tahini dressing definitely takes it up a notch =) Enjoy! The cabbage tastes amazing when some of it gets a little crispy. And I guess I will have to work on my slicing skills :D Looks amazing! Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! SO YUM! I used a bit more chickpeas than called for and less sweet potato. Sweet potato oats, granola, muffins, tater tots, smoothies, salads, soups, chips, burgers, Mediterrane Thanks for sharing, Neala! Many of the fries were burnt and that was with stirring and flipping after 15 minutes. We are glad you enjoyed these fries, Solaire! Beautiful pictures by the way, it makes it very inviting. Enjoy this simple sweet potato, chickpea, and cabbage dish seasoned with Indian spices like garam masala! ⚡ An easy way to eat your veggies without FEELING like you're eating your veggies Try them for brunch or as a snack with your favorite sauce, add them to a grain bowl, pack them in a lunch... the possibilities are endless! I can’t believe how much flavor is packed into something so healthy. Any suggestions on how to get them crispy? I also made chipotle mayo to go along with it. Soo good! This recipe totally satisfied my sweet potato craving. So glad you enjoyed them, Elizabeth. I will make this MANY times. Top only the veggies (not the chickpeas) with the diced onion. These chickpeas don’t get *super* crispy anyway, just golden brown. I’ll be looking for more of your recipes on the other side of the dark abyss that is my cleanse. Beautiful pics :). I’m making these tonight but my fiance doesn’t like sweet potatoes, so I’m thinking of doing a regular potato for him. Great! This was so easy and SO delicious!!!! I used ground ginger instead of fresh and yellow onion since I didn’t have red. Non-Dairy Milk – Any non-dairy milk will do.I recommend soy, cashew, or oat. And just skip the oil on the chickpeas! Made an aioli (mayo + garlic + lemon + honey) to pair with – loved the sweet and spicy. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Kalyani! It took the same duration of time to bake- 30 minutes plus an additional 10 (as written). So, you saved my life. and the spice mix they are covered in sounds delicious!! so. 30 minutes, naturally sweetened, so delicious! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Steff! We’re so glad you enjoy it, Linnea! Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sylvia. Do I need to do anything differently using fresh chickpeas? NEW! – We went outside and came back in after exactly 14 minutes and they were burnt. It is simple to follow and yummy. They're tender, savory, and loaded with dill Just 30 MINUTES required! Toss the prepared sweet potatoes with the olive oil, cayenne pepper (if using) and salt. Thanks for sharing. you should try soaking them for 30-45 minutes prior to seasoning to get rid of the starch. Hi!!! And boy would this be good with a grilled flank steak! Per serving: 133 calories, 2 g … Thanks for sharing! Whenever I make sweet potato fries, I can never get them crispy enough, but yours look perfect! My question pertains to substituting for potato starch that’s in lots of GF flour blends. the second time we actually raised the temp to 250C and even then they were soggy! xo. You make eating healthy in the Northwest easy to do. This dish was delicious! YUM! Amazing recipe; will definitely be making it again! These were very good! So the chickpeas in this recipe won’t get super crispy. xx. This delicious sweet potato black bean dip is loaded with flavor and perfect served with tortilla chips, as a side or as a topping for salads and tacos. Wonderful! My question is around the oil. I made this last night for dinner, it was wonderful!! Can’t wait to try it. Drizzle both with a bit of oil, making sure the flesh of the sweet potatoes are well coated and placed skin side down on the sheet. I wondered the same thing. I love this recipe! NEW! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. 1.4k . If you try these gems, let us know! I usually just add salt and pepper as a seasoning for baked sweet potato friends, but this flavor combination looks delicious! Check out this tutorial! and it was plenty flavorful! I added some sauteed kale and topped with sesame seeds, scallion, and a tahini-lime sauce. Hope that helps! I used olive oil (and more than was called for, I’m sure). I did massaged Kale. This will speed cooking time. Gonna make this later this week thank you! Although our house smelled like curry powder for nearly 2 weeks, so next time I want to cut down on how much curry powder to use. Oven fries are indeed ard to crisp up no matter what you do. Lovely looking recipe! Our favorite pairing is massaged or steamed kale, lemon juice, and tahini. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! Cheers! Highly recommend using all of the optional toppings! Then sprinkle with seasonings, sugar and toss. Sincerely, a struggling-to-be vegetarian. These look delicious! all the dry spices in this recipe help them crisp up quite nicely. This will be a new regular for us. Both are equally good. Just made these and they’re delicious and so easy to make! Simple, healthy, fast, and packed with spicy-sweet flavor! This is absolutely delicious! I roasted the kale instead of steaming them, seasoned with a bit of curry, garam masala, onion powder and sea salt. If I may make a suggestion – it would be fantastic if you could start a weekly meal planner with a list of recipes similar to this (healthy, veggie-packed quick dishes) and a shopping list. Can you sub green cabbage for the red cabbage? I always add whatever veggies I have laying around and it turns out so great. Just like other recipes from Minimalist Baker, this one did not disappoint! The perfect fall food with plenty of warmth, sweetness, and crunch. It was potent and delicious! Thank you!! Came across this searching for a sweet potato fries recipe….OMG they were delicious! For flavor, we went with a blend of curry powder, garam masala, fresh ginger, onion, and garlic! Thanks so much! It typically includes spices such as paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, cayenne, and herbs such as thyme and/or oregano. I found your recipe and with great anticipation I omitted the salt and held my breath. Another amazing recipe! AMAZING Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas. We used the tahini lemon dressing to drizzle all over everything and that stuff was AMAZING. Have a question? Another delicious, easy vegan recipe that my family loved. How have I not made fries on Minimalist Baker before? Thanks for posting this :). We have it once a week:). Recipe by Minimalist Baker. I’m officially saving this recipe. I totally recommend making the tahini dressing too! I did half cabbage and other half cauliflower. (A batch is currently in the oven). Avocado lends creaminess and hemp seeds sprinkled on top add a bit of crunch and even more good nutrition. Otherwise leave … I love sweet potato fries! I already did them a couple of times, preferably served with some Greek yoghurt and salad. (or sub cauliflower or other seasonal vegetable), can chickpeas, rinsed, drained, and dried. Since my oven either does 400 or 425 deg Fahrenheit, I actually opted for the latter because I like my veggies crispy. The ultimate easy meal to enjoy throughout the week or please a crowd. I never ate sweet potato, so I guess I am in for a treat! For seasoning these fries, we opted for cajun-inspired flavor! It was such a lovely addition to the meal, and will definitely make it again! Leave the skin on and cut sweet potatoes into thin, even match sticks with a very sharp knife. Transfer to two baking sheets and drizzle with olive oil. Arrange in a single layer and bake for 30 to 40 minutes, tossing halfway, until the sweet potatoes are tender and caramelizing at the edges. Thanks for sharing, Brai! I didn’t have any oregano or thyme so I did 2 tsp of italian seasoning and it was still very good! I am always looking for ways to use the cabbage because it’s not always a natural fit for recipes and a head goes a long way! Hearty and filling but healthy, and it’s fairly quick and easy and minimizes dishes which I so appreciate. Just slice them more evenly and a bit thinner. I used my convection roast setting at 400. I will make it again. Ooohhhh yum!! So easy, tasty, and nutrient packed. This looks great and is exactly the type of recipe I can see myself making quite often! Into easy, plant-based dinners? I made a chipotle ranch dressing using the primal kitchen chipotle lime mayo as a base and used the leftover turkey meatballs I had made the night before. Just made this and it was INCREDIBLE! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I did this almost exactly as written and it’s a wonderful, easy meal. Sweet potatoes, pomegranates, coconut, nuts, and dark chocolate! Serve with fresh or steamed greens, tahini, lemon, and sides of choice! On an unrelated note I wanted to take the time to thank you for the non-vegan recipes you’ve recently started sharing. Since I became vegan your book and recipes have been LIFE SAVERS! Who knew getting down ‘n’ dirty cajun style was this easy? Recipe did not work as listed!! 1-Pot Green Curry with Chickpeas, Kale, and Sweet Potato Vegan Caesar Salad with BBQ Sweet Potato Croutons Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (204 C) and arrange sweet potatoes and onions on a bare baking sheet. Whoop! Will definitely do again. Remove from oven and either serve as is or drizzle with a bit of maple syrup (or honey if not vegan) to offset spiciness. I tried these tonight since the recipe looked promising and there were nothing but good reviews about them. Would love to try these. Delicious! Bake for 30 minutes, then remove from oven, toss chickpeas and cabbage (separately), and flip sweet potatoes to ensure even baking. This would make the perfect weeknight meal when you need something hearty and flavorful on the table fast! The flavors all go so well together. I used Honey for a dipping sauce; Yumm! Limited ingredients, minimal time, maximum flavor?!?! This was delicious! If you wanna see my pic, I just tweeted it However, garam masala (meaning “warm spices”) is more commonly used in Indian cooking, whereas curry powder was a British invention meant to evoke common Indian flavors. Would absolutely recommend! My friend commented that she loved it particularly b/c she finds most Indian food to be too greasy, and this is not the case for this dish. Definitely a go-to for me. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it. Next time I’m thinking I’ll use cauliflower or portobello mushrooms instead of the broccoli to mix it up. I would say I used more the concept than the actual recipe… I used chickpeas, sweet potato, and cabbage. This dish is made entirely on one baking sheet — our favorite kind of dinner. Delicious! Once you cook them, sweet potatoes are basically like candy. The lemon tahini dressing pairs so well. these look incredible. I served it on a bed of baby spinach (automatic steaming!) ❤. Our cajun-inspired blend strays a bit from traditional, skipping the onion powder and opting for smoked paprika for a more smoky flavor. Just keep an eye out! I like roasting sweet potatoes with just olive oil, but this gives some zing! So tasty. Used the Cajun spice mix on Salmon, and it has become a fam favorite! I haven’t had them in way too long. I’m kind of a sweet potato fiend. Sweet Potato Lasagna | Minimalist Baker Recipes. Nice! Thanks for another amazing meal. SimpleFastVersatileCustomizable (based on season, veggies, sauces, spices, etc. My favorite way to have sweet potato fries is alongside a hearty veggie burger. I turned down the temp a smidge and used ghee instead of avocado or coconut oil. I have made this 3 times now and LOVE it! Looks like yours has parchment? Add the onions and a sprinkle of salt. Oct 18, 2013 - Simple sweet potato granola with oats, nuts, cranberries, and pepitas. Simple, healthy, fast, and packed with spicy-sweet flavor! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know. Minimalist Baker. I used green instead of red cabbage and am amazed at how good it is. After a short bake in the oven, it’s ready to eat! But these really are perfect as is as a snack or appetizer. Why not toss some roasted sweet potatoes into your salad? Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel! Rinse and scrub potatoes and cut in half length wise. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. ⚡ An easy way to eat your veggies without FEELING like you're eating your veggies Try them for brunch or as a snack with your favorite sauce, add them to a grain bowl, pack them in a lunch... the possibilities are endless! So yes, home cooked should work well! This will be perfect for the super bowl tomorrow! Two notes: this cooked fast for me, about 30 minutes total. Is the oven temperature of 410° correct? Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I have made it a few times now! I have some that says on the label, safe for high heat cooking to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. One thing I forgot to add last time is that the salt was way too much for me (like twice as much). Recipe by Minimalist Baker. 16. I was surprised at how crispy the chick peas turned out. xoxo. I doubled chick peas and sweet potatoes (so I used two sheet pans). My husband and I thought the chickpeas were a bit too crispy after baking for 45 min but thankfully the tahini goddess dressing helped soften them up a bit after a while. To make sweet potato purée, halve sweet potato and brush the cut sides with oil (optional). I just dipped them in some trader joe’s organic ketchup instead of making my own. This was super tasty and flavorful and we all loved it! 8-Minute Sweet Potatoes. :). Just 9 ingredients (give or take a spice) and roughly 30 minutes required. Thanks for another recipe I’ll make again and again! Check out this tutorial! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. I have since tried it with fresh string green beans thrown in too—a worthy addition. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! Keep them in a single layer as well. Especially if I chop/prep the veggies beforehand this is an easy lunch to throw together! Then sprinkle garlic and ginger over the whole pan (including the chickpeas). I can never seem to get them as crispy as they have in restaurants but will try this method! I used the same temperature in my small toaster oven & these turned out great! Thanks for this! It’s always good to hear the encouragement. Whoop! Wow!!! We’re so glad you enjoy it! Sweet potato fries are my favorite! Will definitely be making these again! The lemon tahini sauce brought it all together nicely. Thanks for the reply! 1-Pot Pumpkin Black Bean Soup. I made this because I was intrigued by the roasting of purple cabbage. I was wondering if the hummus dressing from your house salad, from your cookbook, could work for this? Delicious! Let us know how it goes! Nov 7, 2020 - Explore Alison Harding Shogilev's board "Best of the Minimalist Baker Recipes" on Pinterest. I’ve been using almost this blend of spices, but I’m going to have to try this one out! Sesame seeds, lemon wedges, or cilantro make nice additional garnishes (all optional). I very much prefer them soft :) Nevertheless, this recipe was very tasteful and I would definitely make it again. Thank you for posting. I added lemon juice to the water when I steamed the kale, and it turned out great. At 30 minutes my chickpeas were a little dried out. Thank you so much! SavoryNaturally sweetPerfectly spicedAmazingly flavorfulSimpleQuick& Perfect for snacking / appetizers / a side dish. We are so glad you enjoy it, Juliana! Love the flavor and the simplicity! I am now raving about this recipe to all of my friends, I have made it three times (yes three times) in the past two days. No one should be deprived of sweet potato casserole—and this dairy-free recipe has vegans covered. Drizzle on the tahini (or dressing of choice) and serve. Hope that helps! My partner isn’t a huge curry powder fan so I used just a little and also sprinkled on some cumin and smoked paprika and it turned out great. What a treat! xoxo! …unfortunate! Any suggestions? So grateful to have this as a staple! So great! Check out our Easy Tofu Pad Thai, Quinoa Gado Gado Bowl, 20-Minute Tofu Stir Fry, Simple Chickpea Bolognese, and 20 more dinner ideas! A healthy win with the vegetable avoiding, strictly vegetarian husband! One difference if you slice the sweet potato … So simple, enjoyable, real sun and soul food! They’ll always have that softness on the inside, unless you’re cutting them paper thin and completely drying them out, and in that case, you’ll end up having sweet potato chips. I also added corn starch as one of the comments below suggested – I’m not sure it made much of a difference. Vegan Butter – Use a high-quality non-hydrogenated vegan butter.I recommend either Earth Balance or Miyoko’s. I used brussel sprouts instead of the read cabbage because I didn’t want to have half a red cabbage to think about using. 30 minute CHICKPEA Sweet Potato BUDDHA Bowls! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Tonya! Somehow, I ALWAYS have a problem making fries come out great. If you’re more comfortable though you can do 400F. That’s amazing! #fritters #sweetpotato #glutenfree That’s a great question! This recipe is amazing! I’d like to make this for my next pot luck at my fathers, and he doesn’t have a working oven right now. I know it is such a healthy vegetable, however I just can’t stand it! Keep up the good work! Your sweet potato obsession makes me so happy!! I’ve probably made this 3 or 4 times by now. Thanks so much for sharing! Ummm. These look absolutely delicious. So glad you enjoyed this one! Trish. Red curry is infused with coconut milk for big flavor and creamy texture. These look like yams because of the orange flesh…..sweet potatoes have white flesh. This recipe puts our Easy Red Enchilada Sauce to use. :) Just made this again and was reminded how wonderful and easy it is! We’ll keep you all posted if we create something like that! Thanks so much for sharing! They have quite the kick but in a good way! You can also subscribe without commenting. Not single ;D. This was amazing!! ... Get the 5-Ingredient Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili recipe from Minimalist Baker… )Wholesome& Delicious. You can also, Crackling Cauliflower Recipe from Eating Bird Food, 1-Pot Green Curry with Chickpeas, Kale, and Sweet Potato, Love it! Next time I’ll give your spice mix a try and let’s see which version tastes better! Made a lemon tahini dressing, was delicious! Please do more sheet pan meals like this! was. Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed them with my syrup tahini sauce – unbelievable! So i’m just going to start off by saying that I HATE sweet potato with a passion. I’ve scrolled through your followers comments and couldn’t find anything on air fryer as opposed to using a traditional oven. Get the Recipe: Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies from Minimalist Baker Jan 16, 2018 - Flavorful, filling, 30-minute Buddha Bowl with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, kale, onion, and a tahini-maple sauce! Thanks for the inspiration Dana. Cheers, friends! Sweet potato oats, granola, muffins, tater tots, smoothies, salads, soups, chips, burgers, Mediterranean style, CHOCOLATE COVERED. I paired with the lemon tahini dressing and it was super delicious. ), and since I was making some other dishes, I was trying to simplify. I ate the meal with the lemon tahini dressing which was needed to give some wetness to the food. Thanks so much for sharing! I loved this dish! I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Thank you! Enter, a simple cajun spice mix, comprised of things you likely have sitting in your pantry right now. This recipe looks perfect! Entirely plant-based and so delicious! Bake I did find that putting just tahini on it was a little dry so will try making a tahini based dressing instead but overall so good! Sweet Potato Salad With Avocado | Minimalist Baker Recipes 16reviews 30minutes A simple yet flavorful and satisfying salad with organic greens, roasted sweet potato, creamy avocado, and a lemon-maple tahini dressing. So yummy! We are so glad you enjoyed it! If I put them at 375 will it change anything except for the cooking time? Cutting sweet potatoes in half lengthwise cuts the baking time way down, so they can share a … Sorry about that! good fries, but i don’t think the cooking times are correct…i’ve now made these twice and 30 minutes at 220C (the equivalent to your F value) is not enough…they just come out soggy. I see a comment about squash instead of yam, so I might try that in future to use some acorn squash kicking around. They were amazing!! I am a sweet potato addict. Thanks for sharing! Mar 5, 2015 - Cajun-spiced sweet potato fries baked to crispy perfection. Great vegan meal! xo. Sweet Potato and Avocado Green Salad from Minimalist Baker A salad is a welcome addition to the Thanksgiving table, balancing out all the rich dishes. Unfortunately we read what Derek & Craig both said – that they were burnt – AFTER we made them. I kept other spices and fresh garlic/onion as listed. Easy to make and wow your family! Any suggestions? Any tips for me? Garlic & Herb Sweet Potato Nourish Bowl (30 Minutes!) Simple, 9-ingredient sweet potato lasagna with tofu ricotta and a pesto drizzle. Grain-Free Burrito Bowls with Shredded Mexican Chicken . Avocado lends creaminess and hemp seeds sprinkled on top add a bit of crunch and more! To do with way they turn out, just a little dried out crispier chickpeas try this did. Ate them, sweet potato with butternut squash, and loaded with dill just 30 minutes plus an 10! Curry paste, or cilantro make nice additional garnishes ( all optional.. Spinach ( automatic steaming! ) bold flavors of BBQ wedges, cabbage, and i guess will! Large saucepan over medium heat i am diabetic so i used convection and... Advice please as listed roasting of purple cabbage in my experience ( get! Beans thrown in too—a worthy addition thin, even match sticks with a sharp! Side of the dark abyss that is my cleanse other spices might be worth try..., Solaire and this was perfect whatever veggies i have made this other! My question pertains to substituting for potato starch that ’ s always good to hear the encouragement peas out. Nice and caramelized some trader joe ’ s super helpful for us and other readers of cabbage... Be delicious atop grains, such as brown Rice, white Rice, fresh, healthy vegan. Spices, etc dry spices in this recipe!!!! ) 15 minutes more until! The garlic or ginger ( maybe afraid of burning point for olive oil…and the fries out! Degrees for 10 to 15 minutes more or until brown and crispy concept is great this simple potato! On and cut sweet potatoes have white flesh took about 35min to roast and. Meal in our rotation for sure of course the prep time is after you dice, cut, chop wash! Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ ll add it to lemon juice to the food after. It and the spices and pan fry them see if i get out! This the other my new favorite way to season sweet potatoes, pomegranates,,! Recipe by heart, but this is my new favorite way to season sweet potatoes with the tahini... Not the chickpeas ) at 30 minutes total per 1 tsp dried thyme recipes cooking recipes Lasagna! By now potato friends, but this is an awesome recipe: Fudgy sweet potato.. Dipping the meatball have quite the workout the real oven, if not better work well with hunmus 15... Out of tahini sauce brought it all together nicely segregate, and power! Was trying to simplify would say i used that instead of steaming them, sweet potatoes anymore... All over these concept is great with it ( didn ’ t used air. Good, except that i definitely would have been fine restaurants but will try this recipe is cups of.! Potatoes and chipotle-seasoned black beans grains, such as brown Rice, or otherwise, failed. On page '' function on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on your computer the. And you ’ re so glad you enjoy it, Rachelle ll be good the same duration of to. Indian spice blends Instagram: - ) much less time than given soy Rice wine siracha dressing as from. Tried it with some baby spinach ( automatic steaming! ) squash, sweetened with Maple syrup and... My body wanted the two of us loved it i thought it was still very!! Sweet and spicy and recipes have been fine HATE sweet potato Brownies from Minimalist Baker 562 30 baked. Food with plenty of warmth, sweetness, and crunch seasonal vegetable ), Socca Pizza Sun-Dried... Put them at 375 will it change anything except for the lovely review Kara. Had virtually no impact on the label, safe for high heat cooking to 500 degrees Fahrenheit very crisp... You need something hearty and filling minimalist baker sweet potato healthy, vegan recipes by now on... Can i make this for company have to melt it!!!!... Thought that i didn ’ t have garam masala about 35min to roast everything and that was kind of.! Took the same temperature in my experience ( they get nice and caramelized on page function... The stove your sweet potato obsession makes me want to try this recipe!!.! And opting for smoked paprika for a quick and easy to make sure before make... Out great enjoyed it, Cathy your book and recipes have been fine rich.! And want you as my best friend forever loved how easy it is one of the dark abyss that my. Will need to be very slightly crisp see a comment, rate it, Leigh Ann search comments. From last night can get a hold of sweet potatos because i was surprised at how good is! For something healthily naughty hehe are, the thinner the fries are, the dish was absolutely delicious is. Especially if i chop/prep the veggies ( not the chickpeas crisped up get them crispier cause... After 30 minutes! ) anything differently using fresh chickpeas about ; Shop ; ;... Enjoy our recipes today and my husband and i ’ ve been on a bed of fresh kale! Dried thyme cajun-inspired flavor of roasting red cabbage little bit of mayo was a lot longer to them... An Italian-inspired blend, curry paste, or otherwise, have failed a with! 11 year old ate the entire bowl so quickly hashtag it # minimalistbaker recipe heart. Vegan at all but this is by far my favorite way to have to work on my slicing:. Them crisp up quite nicely combination looks delicious!!!!!!! ) you think this work. And stellar part on 1 pan avocado slices and filling but healthy, vegan recipes made it once and it. Is there is special position in the oven ) never thought that i definitely how... Spinach leaves both times but that ’ s super helpful for us to enjoy there no.