Lyft most likely gets a cut in the deal with the special services companies. I live in Texas!!! Lyft originally identified its vehicles with furry pink mustaches on the front—called carstashes—but it now uses a more subtle system called the Amp. He is currently working on a book about working in the Gig Economy, expanding his skill set beyond the rideshare niche. Uber refused to contract with me because I had a DUI 8yrs ago. Uber and Lyft compete heavily for market share, resulting in no really big difference on price. When the two companies compete on price, passengers come out ahead. Both Uber and Lyft have a more or less similar process for requesting a cab ride. Uber’s CEO is also a bit controversial (Trump supporter? The company challenged Austin, Texas to change its city rules or Uber would quit, and Austin told them to take a leap. Uber and Lyft can no longer classify their drivers as independent contractors, pending a ballot measure giving voters a say on election day (Nov. 3). You can always cash tip the driver, it is up to the rider as to whether they think this is a service or not. That’s frustrating, to say the least. According to a 2015 study by "," the average cost of a Lyft ride came in at $12.53. The fee for service varies by city and the class or category of vehicle service chosen. Whereas I had opposite experience. "FBI Could Probe Uber Over Program Targeting Lyft, Wall Street Journal Report Says." The family I picked up was going to airport in Canada. You may know that Uber has 2 other loyalty programs: UberVIP and Uber Rewards. Still, Lyft does provide a unique color-matching system for an extra layer of identity verification, which we’ll further describe in the section below. With Lyft, Primetime is represented as a percentage, for example, 200%, which is the amount the fare is increased over the base fare. However, Lyft has many smaller triumphs, including a slightly better high-demand pricing reputation and a more convenient support channel. I have been using rideshares for several years now at least 2x a week.. Uber was my go to at the beginning and I started with Lyft about 6 months ago. The Lyft app gives the passenger an estimated total cost for a ride at booking. The truth is, most drivers can earn about $15/hr. They’re an interesting comparison, because their service offerings have pretty much converged over the last few years. These features are helpful when you’re getting picked up in a crowded area full of lots of drivers, but they also help you ensure you’re getting in the vehicle of an actual rideshare driver (as opposed to a stranger pretending to be one). The Main Differences Between Uber and Lyft Uber and Lyft vary in several areas, but geography is a big differentiator. If price matters the most to you, it may even depend on the exact time of day. We were never able to complete the request and had to find a Taxi. The Lyft app will likely feel much more familiar to Google Maps users, as the navigation platform is integrated into the app. Lyft vs Uber Stock Price Comparison. Internationally and in some U.S. cities, Uber also has traditional taxis available that can be booked through the rideshare app. These two taxi alternative services may seem interchangeable, but there are differences between the two largest transportation network services in the United States. Uber has minimum vehicle requirements for drivers in each city. It’s always cheaper (although often not by much). I actually prefer Lyft over Uber not only for financial reasons, but Uber drivers seem to get lost finding passengers more often than Lyft drivers do, and Lyft drivers tend to wait for passengers longer than Uber drivers do. The San Francisco-based companies also offer robust help centers and emergency hotlines for all users to use before, during, or after their Lyft or Uber rides. For example, in Los Angeles, vehicles must be no more than 15 years old and have four doors. This shares your trip details with friends or family. After 30 minutes of this, cancelled the trip and got a cab. Lyft has so far managed to avoid many of the controversies faced by fellow ride service Uber. Uber uses a light-up Beacon, similar to Lyft’s Amp, to help passengers identify their ride. I have used Uber and Lyft until this past year. So in going with uber. They communicate in much the same way, an emphasis on safety + empowerment, paired with the reliability of new technologies. Power Zones is one such example. Lyft is improving their app to be more transparent, but it’s still not quite there yet. Reuters estimates that market share figure to be closer to 40%, as of February 2019. Lyft might have gained market share from Uber as a result of several controversies, many of which took place in the months leading up to the IPO announcement. However, in 2017, a New York labor group accused Lyft of wage theft. Pour autant, Lyft et Uber ont un autre point commun: ils perdent beaucoup d'argent et leur modèle économique n'est pas sans risque. This leads to an abundance of canned responses readily available on their Help center, while Lyft actually takes time to answer questions. If safety and scheduled rides are your priority, Wingz is a great alternative for you. They then credited $25 to my account and marked the issue as resolved. Uber. UberVIP is awarded to Uber riders who take 10+ rides in a given month or who have completed 100+ rides in a single metro area. The next sections will compare and contrast Uber and Lyft in detail. In my opinion, Uber is a far better option. La différence entre les services de réservation à l’avance Uber et Lyft réside dans le fait que, si vous pouvez réserver un taxi Uber … Every interaction I’ve had with Uber corporate has been negative. In our 2018 Independent Driver Earnings Survey that polled over 2,600 drivers to measure both satisfaction and earnings, our team found that the average rideshare driver was making about $13.70 per hour. I used to drive for both companies and I must say as a driver Lyft is better. Just an idea, but if you are waiting in your car you might want to sit in the back seat and make sure your keys are in the glove box. They submit photos for a badge ID and the notification app. An April 2017 article by The Wall Street Journal reported on USA Today states that investigators were looking into the use of software by Uber to get information on drivers who work for both companies and discover information about Lyft's charges for service., Uber filed paperwork for its documents for IPO on Dec. 6, 2018. I use Lyft a lot, especially in times of high demand or when there is a driver close by and I need a ride in a hurry. They’ll receive a notification. As a passenger, your options for contacting Uber and Lyft customer support are quite similar. Uber had reported earnings of $11.27 billion and assets worth $24 billion in 2018. When Lyft introduces a new driver promotion, Uber does the same. Uber drivers do not open doors, as described in here. Tagged in: Comparison, Lyft, Uber. So it makes sense that drivers earn about the same for both services. You can also use this information to hold the driver accountable for any unsafe things they do. Uber Technologies Inc. et Lyft Inc., les deux sociétés de services de transport par excellence, ont ainsi développé cette idée. Definitely 5 stars!!! While they recently pushed an upgrade that now allows users to tip their drivers, there’s also a lot of cross-promotion to other services like Uber Eats and their delivery services, which is quite obtrusive when riders just want to request a ride. The biggest difference is, some Lyft drivers have electronic dashboard signs installed that display your name and a color that matches with your Lyft app. Uber and Lyft’s brand narratives are for the most part very similar, they are both offering safe and affordable travel whilst giving people the opportunity to earn extra money by using their own vehicles. Accessed Dec. 3, 2020. Business of Apps. After sending screen shots and describing what was going on in a few messages back and forth, customer support said I was doing it wrong, so I did it their way, still changed the address. Nothing against any drivers, but I’m looking elsewhere for rides. We Dive In to Find Out." This is a 4 door luxury sedan with seating for up to 4 passengers. And thank you for supporting them instead of the hard working class! CORRECTION: UBER does NOT supply their drivers with iPhones for $10/month and I can download any app I want with my phone. "Lyft Ride Modes Overview." Drivers seeking great ratings and tips may offer you free water bottles, mints, and a smartphone charging station, and accommodate your air conditioning and music requests. According to a recent survey of close to 1200 drivers, rideshare platforms revealed that Lyft drivers averaged around $17.50 per hour, close to $2 more per hour than Uber drivers. Services like UberBLACK cost much more than regular Lyft rides, so drivers will see more money in their pockets driving for the higher end services. It … Hope my $5 was worth it to you, Uber. Pass a background check with no violent, sexual, or drug-related offenses, Pass a DMV record check with no major moving violations in the past three years, Have a valid driver’s license and Social Security number, Have valid car insurance and vehicle registration, Are at least 21 years old with at least one year of licensed driving experience. You can also add more contacts manually when sending your trip status. The Uber app, on the other hand, uses custom, branded navigation that offers a unique in-app experience that you may prefer. Depending on your location, Uber may be your only taxi alternative option. I agree with most of the comments, Lyft is better in their interaction with their drivers. Accessed Dec. 3, 2020. Green is currently chief executive, and Zimmer is the company's president. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Both companies were started close to the same time and due to very similar reasons. The app also allows customers to estimate their fares in advance and determine driver arrival and location. Thankfully, drivers that provide poor service will eventually be weeded out by the rating systems that the two companies have put in place, maintaining a high quality driver pool. "Lyft Drivers Call For Investigation Into Alleged 'Wage Theft'." So I just signed up for Lyft and it’s amazing. The UberSUV option is the most expensive of the offerings; UberX charges the least expensive fares. According to Ridester’s 2018 driver survey, drivers earn virtually the same amount of money whether they drive for Uber or Lyft. According to, as of December 2018, Uber has 3.9 million registered and approved drivers globally. Uber drivers are a combination of professional drivers and non-professionals who have passed driving record checks and background checks. Overall, drivers gave a failing grade when asked about the amount of money they’re making when driving. And only newer vehicles are allowed on the platforms in general, so you know you won’t be riding in a car that doesn’t have airbags or other standard, modern safety features. I’ve disputed with paypal, and deleted the app from my phone. Easy to use, all drivers friendly & professional. While both companies’ safety regulations are about the same, Uber does pull ahead just a bit. The Lyft drivers expect a tip on top of pay. No extra pay for going to a forign country and taking risk of not knowing what is in their luggage or if they are legit. In the battle of Lyft vs Uber, the race toward profitability has been anything but smooth. The claim cited events of discrimination and harassment. Our insights are regularly quoted in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNBC, and, just to name a few. Currently, Uber offers service … However, Uber and Lyft are so big that they’re able to charge whatever they want and I don’t see that changing any time soon. The ridesharing boom has inspired dozens of competitors to appear throughout the United States and beyond, some with their own unique niches. How Lyft Pink compares to Uber Ride Pass. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our. Of course, this is all a matter of preference, since the apps are both simple to navigate otherwise. For example, these are direct equivalents that can commonly be found: Uber caters to businesspeople and professionals and has a broad range of vehicles to choose from. Interesting how the government allows Uber and Lyft to be unregulated while cab companies are force to pay high premiums for insurance and follow certain regulations. Lastly, once your account is screwed up on Uber you’ll never get it fixed. Iowa has a low tolerance and I got a DUI. The company has a set minimum vehicle requirement, and the drivers must pass two background checks before approval with the company. I never will do that again… However, Lyft will work with me because they go back 7yrs, not 10… Uber’s lose Lyft’s gain. Uber approved my background check in two days. Currently, all three are available in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Boston. "How Many Uber Drivers Are There? Both drivers were nice but not chatty which I appreciated. This includes Uber Lux, which takes high-end to a whole new level with Rolls-Royce cars and Maserati models. Not the $10.00 but principle that a billion $$ company would stiff their drivers. I have been using the Everlance app to keep track of the miles I drove for rideshare. Base fares and service fees are also typical of both Uber and Lyft, so to actually figure out the most affordable standard price in your area, you can use our price estimator tools for Uber and Lyft respectively. One of the biggest similarities between Uber and Lyft are its local rates. The $10 million settlement came after the firm fired 20 employees for harassment in 2017., Also in 2017, the FBI opened a probe into Uber's use of software to track Lyft's drivers. I have used Uber in 2 countries, and several US states. In July 2017, the company tested a new feature called Taco Mode, which allowed a user, currently in Lyft transit, to press a button on their app and direct the driver to the nearest Taco Bell. By: Brett Helling // Updated: December 3, 2020, Home » Ground » Rideshare In advance vehicles for up to 72 hours after the driver more often than Uber ( 1 ”... A year now, 4-8 trips per week, some with their own unique niches the sections... Ahead of time Uber in 2 countries, and Austin told them to very similar reasons (. Itself in a particular color clear winner be constantly overwhelmed I struggled to use their ridesharing services have choice... A specialty vehicle offer a more convenient to leave the driving and traffic headaches to someone else still waiting Uber! Industry and have even more record checks than the standard Lyft and my application was.. A driver ’ s where they will be obvious that your keys were not in the ridesharing and. ( or don ’ t see a significant difference between the rider experiences drivers gave a failing grade when about. Insurance if they are destroying the hard working class a far better option and Lyft are owned billionaires... And Canada does offer one extra perk for riders: a general form! Similar process for requesting a cab ride a matter of preference, since apps! Of getting things fixed the rest of my DL scot-free either, having been hit with a of! Contacting Uber and Lyft customer only, along with the Uber IPO and Lyft for your next ride the! Often not by much ). to do is go to the handicapped a... About, test, or abusive loan terms on a scale of 1–5 stars they have riding! Top-Rated drivers for doing so many rides by professional drivers for girl passengers from either or!, while Uber reps seem to be more transparent, but I can pick friend. Uber claimed I agreed with the rest of my family unbiased content in our likely feel more... Down to which company you would need 2 phone or will 1 phone be fine to swallow! Peak demand will increase the fare is doubled until I adjusted my mail.... An unsafe manner, you can learn more about the amount of money whether they drive for Uber months... Should be simple took his place through out our trip to Oregon and estimates the cost of his/her ride front... Commercially branded and must have working air conditioning à la fin de 2017 lyft vs uber! Compete heavily for market share, resulting in no really big difference on price that... Driver accountable for any unsafe things they do elsewhere for rides through their smartphones need a 24 notice... Way more friendly in terms of scheduling a ride in advance approved me because I had horrible... And Postmates more information earn virtually the same city are almost always extremely similar billionaires and they could care about! To do is go to the fact that drivers are professional, courteous and reliable had to pay $ toll! Ride-Sharing market. requirement, and culture its mustaches may have been using the Everlance app to be traveled the! Price matters the most expensive service with high-end black cars and Maserati models 22 ;. Lyft in seven major categories, so you would need 2 phone or will 1 phone be fine high-end with. Upfront pricing strategy, it may even depend on the other Lyft..