Card List: 1x Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph 3x Weapons Dealer, Gwydion 1x Falcon Knight of the Azure 4x Silent Punisher 4x Elixir Sommelier 4x Fortune Bell Ordinary people who wield armaments to fight. what you think would be a good deck list for GP standard. Paladin decks can be very versatile. Well, seeing Revonn actually makes me want to play Aqua Force again in real life, but I already got 6 clans and I got other card games ... Now people don't have to use Overlord or join the Overlord bandwagon. Here's Richard's Premium Gold Paladin Deck inspired by Ryota's build, winner of the Bushiroad World Gran Prix in OCG. The two G1s. Gold Paladin: 2: G-SD02/002: Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit: 3: Gold Paladin: 2: G-SD02/003: Divinity Lancer Dragon: 3: Gold Paladin: 4: G-SD02/004: Bladecross Lion: 3: Gold Paladin: 2: G-SD02/005: Knight of Dawnlight, Jago: 2: Gold Paladin: 4: G-SD02/006: Holy Mage, Elio: 2: Gold Paladin: 2: G-SD02/007: Knight of New Sun, Catillus: 2: Gold Paladin: 2: G-SD02/008: Knight of Evening Glow, Capoir: 2: Gold Paladin: 2 Sort by. TD01 Blaster Blade (JP) TD02 Dragonic Overlord. TD01 Blaster Blade. Category page. V-SD02 2018 Free Experience Deck - Kagero. 4x Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit. At the end of that battle return this unit into your hand. Thanks to Percival Accel Spam, it gives you more room for Garmore to call units. Percival can superior call Aglovale from deck, then you can use Aglovale to put Percival into the soul. Save gold paladin deck to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. United Sanctuary, which has Imaginary Gift . Getting two or more G3s in soul for Platina isn't difficult, and you don't have to ride a G3 twice to do that. Your #1 source for Paladins loadouts. A faction of the Gold Paladin created to investigate reports of havoc being wreaked by the Shadow Paladin, speci… V-BT12 Genesis (Holy Heavenly Dragon, Eosanesis Dr... Weekly Bites EP 122 - Sanctuary Guard Revealed, DA... Card of the Day - V-EB15 Cerulean Jewelery, Fasive. So if your opponents decided to wipe the RGs leaving you with very few options, that is when this card comes in. Pre-V Series Promos. When placed, you pay one counter blast to looks at top three cards of your deck, call up to one card among them, return the rest to bottom of the deck, and six of your units gains 3k power. share. V-BT05 Gold Paladin (Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel) Deck Profile ... if he's still the same in V series, he will definitely love this deck, but then again, I'm not running a lot of G3s, so he might not. Because of the large diversity it became a popular deck for both beginners and veterans of the game. It doesn't matter you will have a nice 13k booster/beat stick depending on how you want to use this card. You need to pay one counter blast, and then change the first drive check to look at top two cards of your deck, reveal one to damage zone and add the other one to hand. Dindrane is in the deck for counter charging, there are a lot of counter blasts so you might need Dindrane help to counter charge. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The deck acts as the polar opposite of the Royal Paladin deck, which sacrifices allies to gain power instead of working together. TD01 Blaster Blade (JP) TD02 Dragonic Overlord. Garmore first ability is actually hard to hit, and if you can hit it, it might be helpful or not as it only protects the  RGs and not the VG. Cards of the Day - V-EB15 Chouchou Debut Stage, Ti... Budget Deck Profile - Narukami (Eradicator, Dragon... V-BT12 Genesis (White Rainbow Witch, Pyrethru) Dec... CFV CH EP 34 - School Etoile, Olyvia Revealed, Card of the Day - V-EB15 Velvet Voice, Raindear. Weekly Bites EP 121 - New Order, More Reprints, Et... Cards of the Day - V-EB15 Whisper Ripple, Militta ... V-BT11 Nova Grappler (Perfect Raizer) Deck Profile, V-EB12 Aqua Force (Last Card, Revonn) Deck Profile, V-EB07 Kagero (Dragonic Blademaster) Deck Profile, V-EB07 Kagero (Dragonic Overlord the End) Deck Profile. TD01 Blaster Blade (JP) TD02 Dragonic Overlord. Product name. Decks range from Aggressive, Midrange, and Control. You won't need to worry too much about which cards to place at bottom because we got some cards that can shuffle. It can also teach you strong lessons about exploiting value and how to play the long game. Great for Garmore which focus on superior calling from deck so the more RGs the better. V Special Series 09: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.1, V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. This guide will teach you how to mulligan, pilot, and replace cards you are missing for this popular list! So we just have to use whatever is better for Ezel. I guess no need for Accel I as Percival can make Accel II circle into Accel I power. The good thing is that you don't need to worry about running out of Aglovale in deck as you can it from the drop zone too. Find results with Search in Product name. Introduction to Wild Secret Paladin. There might not be a lot of new cards since most of the old Gold Paladin stuff are great in Garmore. Garmore has a nice deck thinning ability so you can increase your chances of drive check triggers. Don’t hesitate to get greedy once you’ve identified the strength of your opponent’s hand in terms of board removal. Find most popular Paladin decks in different archetypes. Garmore is mainly the first ride to set up superior calling to fill up the field. V-SD03 Start Deck Blaster Dark. Find most popular Paladin decks in different archetypes. If any of u have more experience with GP from the G-Series than share ur opinions. Vanguard GOLD PALADIN DECK. It is the second regular army of the holy nation. You sill have the combo for turn two. V-SD02 2018 Free Experience Deck - Kagero. The two Liberators for the accel spam. The deck is made possible by a single new card: Mysterious Challenger.The card has become known as “Dr. For the VG ability, all of your units in an accel circle gains 5k power. Browse champions and decks to find the best loadout for every champion! Revealing the deck recipes of tournament winners around the world! Clans:Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Kagero, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon Constructed Deck [TD03]Golden Mechanical Soldier You either win or lose and no turning back ... Garmore as a card on its own is not very powerful. If you got Kahedin on VG or RG, it gains 10k power instead. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus on animalistic armaments. in: Cards, Clan. When placed, if you have a G3 or greater VG, pay one counter blast and discard a card to get an Accel circle, search your deck or drop for Aglovale and call it, if you searched your deck, shuffle the deck. TD01 Blaster Blade. One of those pointless ability, I wish Bushiroad would make the first ability a lot better. Going over the percentage of clans over the course of the 2012 United States National Tournament, the Gold Paladin always had the highest turnout, and in the Championship Tournament at Tokyo three of the top 4 decks were Gold Paladins. Gorboduc will be quite important for getting Garmore and Percival, or even Platina Ezel if you meet the requirements. Lower Priority (keep only if certain conditions are met). It is the second regular army of the holy nation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But at least I know one thing is that this Garmore second ability is better than the first ability. Percival have two abilities, one works on VG, and the other works on VG or RG. 4x Player of the holy pipe, Gerrie. Vanguard Tournament Winners around the world! When this unit is placed due to a card ability, by paying one soul blast, draw a card or counter charge one and this unit gains 3k power, You rarely want to draw with Dindrane, it's mostly counter charging. Hope you all enjoy the video! V-SD03 Start Deck Blaster Dark. There might not be a lot of new cards since most of the old Gold Paladin stuff are great in Garmore. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus on animalistic armaments. 100% Upvoted. In extremely long games, the incremental value you gain from the Paladin Hero Power can be a big advantage. Gold Paladin. Welcome back to Nexus Corps! Gold Paladin Premium Deck Idea. When you have one or less cards in your hand, all of your RGs cannot be attacked or retired by opponent's card abilities. Vanguard Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Although for the Garmore guard ability, I guess it's really hard to hit unless somehow you playing against hand destruction, that's the only way I think, that you can prevent it. save hide report. The Paladin class is a highly effective Control or Midrange class. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. V-BT12 Gold Paladin (Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel) D... Cards of the Day - V-EB15 Girlish Idol, Lyricle an... V-BT12 Narukami (Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant) ... V-BT12 Genesis (Mythic Beast, Fenrir) Deck Profile. I. f you call two or more RGs this turn, this unit gains 5k power. I've been playtesting GP in Premium all day since the announcment of some of the V-Series cards and wanted to share my current build. Explore. ... V-SD01 2018 Free Experience Deck - Royal Paladin. 1x Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit. ... V-SD01 2018 Free Experience Deck - Royal Paladin. BOOSTER PACK V Trial Deck 12: Ahsha; V Trial Deck 11: Altmile; V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet; V Trial Deck 09: Shinemon Nitta; V Trial Deck 08: Schokolade Melody; V Trial Deck 07: Kouji Ibuki This card also powers up the VG, and you don't have to place Kahedim in the same column, you just need one to stay on the field for Noel to take effect, 10k power boost is better than 5k power. "Gold Paladin" (ゴールドパラディン Gōrudo Paradin) is a clan from the nation of ... Gold Paladin. Secret Paladin is a deck with a long history in Hearthstone. V-BT12 Genesis (Cosmic Regalia, CEO Yggdrasil) Dec... Cards of the Day - V-EB15 Dignified Blink, Radka a... V-BT12 Angel Feather (Holy Seraph, Nociel) Deck Pr... Weekly Bites EP 123 - PR♥ISM Revealed, New Promos,... Card of the Day - V-EB15 Charismatic Service, Maxine. Edit. Gold Paladins are an aggressive clan that focuses on rapidly superior calling units from the hand or top few cards of their deck. This ability is only hard once per turn. V-BT12 Narukami (Dragonic Vanquisher "FULLBRONTO")... Card of the Day - V-EB15 Consent Select, Beata. Ren returned in the second season as the leader of New Team AL4. 2x Golden Dragon, Glorious Reigning Dragon. Shipped with USPS First Class. V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon's Vanity! The two Black Chains that support each other just like the original. Garmore as a card doesn't do much which is why I am running Platina Ezel, Garmore when placed ability is useful, but other than that nothing else stands out. This is really just a fun deck to play. So on your next turn, you are pretty much set up for Platina Ezel on your next ride and use Platina for the finisher. Condition is Used, but all cards have been in sleeves right out of the box. Gold Paladin Standard. Noel ability powers up the RGs, there's no point superior calling if they lack power. ... Gold Paladin. V Booster Set 12: Divine Lightning Radiance, V Booster Set 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. TD01 Blaster Blade. Find results with Search in Product name. since most of the cards for gold paladin standard was reveal. Who are the Gold Paladin? Deck List 1x Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon. V-BT12 Angel Feather (Black Shiver, Gavrail) Deck ... CFV CH EP 32 - Sweetest Sister, Meer Revealed with... Cards of the Day - V-EB15 The Aim is Perfection, R... V-BT12 Gold Paladin (Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit) ... Card of the Day - V-EB15 Heart Fragrance, Liesche. TD01 Blaster Blade. Find results with Search in . Secret Paladin is the deck list that is currently terrorizing the meta after the recent release of The Grand Tournament. Noel effect works by when your other unit is placed in the same column as this card, it gains 5k power. ... , Spamming Gift Markers, Standard Deck, Superior Call, United Sanctuary, V Series. Originally a rag-tag team of creatures who would normally be sworn enemies, brought together by the threat of annihilation, this clan has become a disciplined army of the United Sanctuary. best.