Thanks again Dr. Jones. The only thing the bw showed was that his body was basically starving. He’s on a limited ingredient food (Dick Van Patten’s). My vet is reporting my Yorkie’s side effects to the makers of Apoquel. seizure. but I had no idea so many were having issues long term. Beware aspergillosis infections due to Apoquel Everyone! Last night was the first dose. Please help if anyone knows I’m going to stop giving to her for the rest of the week and see what happens. It was not the first thing we tried. Her stools are turning around and while still soft, are not the plop plop plop anymore. His nose is cold and his behavior is normal, but we are very worried. Please, please be very cautious when using this drug on your babies….. Our dog Aries who is now 12 years old suffered with severe itching and allergic type reactions that appeared to start in 2016. Karen. Please everyone try Natural pet! Unbelievable!!! I appreciate the work that Dr. Jones is doing. It’s going to be hard to give up a prescription that has made such a difference for our girl, but I also know that our vet has her best interest in mind. She has kept me awake for the last few nights constantly getting up and wandering because she feels so sick. No, I don’t think I will give it to him again. Dr. suggested apoquel which I paid 120. He will not walk again–they think the infection is in his spine now. So I would take care to note if you see her drinking more than usual. Steroids… side effects include CHF, pancreatitis, immunosuppression among many others. You complain about others doing certain things, but you chose to quit. My 4yo Yorkie has been on Apoquel for 5 months. My dog has severe allergies and has been under treatment by a dermatology vet for almost two years.. After switching up his allergy shots and exhausting medications including steroids she put Ollie on app quell.. Få de seneste nyheder og bedste historier. Then he began acting weird one day starting with having diarrhea then he started panting, drooling, pacing, sitting on my chest I knew something was wrong and went to the animal emergency room. So I’m not sure what to do. Read all the reviews on this page!! I’m not one to complain but, I feel compelled to share our nightmarish experience with this new anti-itching drug called Apoquel. She hasn’t had a seizure no in 11 months. It was like a miracle drug. This same dog slowly developed behavioral problems (panic attacks) hyper ventilating, shaking, lost weight, unusual bowel movements. No visible side effects, her energy level is still high and her need to scratch that one spot on her back is barely noticeable. I have found others not just on this web site that are questioning the same thing. I brought her home and gave her 1 dose of 16 mg around 4PM. CET chews – with a bacteriostat impregnated. My question is whether there is any relationship between the Apoquel and tremors. Denise. It took about 3 months for her red blood cells to start reproducing and return to normal. We stopped Apoquel today because Alk phos is very high on last two tests. She runs into everything and everyone. But I love my dogs and if this is what happens with using Apoquel. In the article I list a number of alternative options to take- not requiring purchase of my ‘scary’ supplement. A. lethargic, depressed, doesn’t want to drink out of water bowl (to scary), peeing in the house, can’t see, everything is scary because of vision issues, and I suppose the greeting people is a result of just not seeing who or what it is! Stay away from this POISON. (possibly why her bed was wet on day’s 19 and 21 too) He refused to eat or drink water for hours. It’s crazy how fast that can happen. The girl has bladder trouble. He has been on it for one month now and doing good! My 12 1/2 yr old westie has been very healthy for his whole life until last august . On the sixth day he could barely walk and we took him to an emergency vet hospital. I thought I had found relief for him and for us but obviously not. Vet said to try him on Apoquel. I am a regular pet owner with a 10 year old staffy with chronic allergies, but I would NEVER in my life give this drug to my dog. Please listen to Dr. Jones. If worse I will probably take her off it. I do not blame the drug company or the sales reps that are making a living selling this drug. Is APOQUEL I would rather give him zyrtec and deal other ways with his allergies. This weekend, she developed diarrhea. She went into Cardiac Arrest and flat lined. Itching and licking had gotten worse. Let these people talk about what they think about this drug. NO MORE DRUGS FOR THESE GUYS. She had gained 17lbs since July. No drug is totally safe. Hold dig opdateret. associated with allergic dermatitis and for the control of atopic dermatitis. 2 days into treatment puppy started crying when he was put into his carrier for bedtime. He is 25 lbs (huge westie, I know), and I have found that if I give him 1/4 pill in the morning that the side effects go away and itching is pretty much under control. I hearing some of the same things over and over with this drug. I have read your comments about your pets having side effects. My dog was on Apoquel for several months. One pill that’s all she got! P.S. Took him to the vet today and he has kidney failure. I have to wonder if this caused or even added to these problems. My vet says its allergies causing it. Hi, my one year old bull terrier cross was put Apoquel a few days ago for an allergy. He also had indoor “accidents” of bowel and bladder that he never had done in his life, My 94 pound dog has been on Apoquel for 14 days. I am giving my own allergic dog an oatmeal shampoo weekly. killing your We gave it a try because her itchiness was causing almost a seizure like problem. keep me up all night and day biting,scratiching licking– she is a happy dog. 10 percent of the dog population. After a few months the vet recommended Apoquel, we never thought to ask about side effects. Since August 2018 when we discontinued giving Aries Apoquel, there are a few papillomas of small size but nothing like was spreading all over his body. We stopped this medication as soon as we learned that she never should have been prescribed this in the first place as she had a previous cancerous tumour and also that it should not be given to a dog with a serious infection. but she started having side effects, excessive thirst, frequent urination, barely made it out the door. Leading up to this his allergies had been playing up again and he had a cytopoint injection and steroid. Took her off Apoquel and now day 28 no seizures since. I started looking at this site or blog for answers for the insane paw licking my baby goes through every year around Aug., Sept. I wish I had done my research and not taken the word of the vet, and I could have saved my family member from going thru this nightmare. My poodle is masterful at “holding it” in emergencies when we get home longer than planned. Just choose your cases and decide if the medication risks outweigh the benefits. It’s only been one week so I don’t expect a miracle. The meds worked for 3 days of clearing his itching and swollen eyes but then the vomiting, not eating, stomach pains, panting, not drinking, exhaustion, completely out of it wondering and hiding in corners, didn’t open his eyes for 3 days, and death happened. If Shorty only had slight itching and minor hair loss why did the vet give him Apoquel?? I was aware of the risks involved with this drug and was well informed both by my vet and also by my own research before beginning his treatment. I went to the FDA website and there is not one complaint that I can find from any vet or pet owner. After 2 further doses he went berserk again. We did food trials, we tried herbs, supplements, including Dr. Jones canine formula and none of it seem to work. I was prescribed Apoquel for my 9 yr old pug with hot spots when I told my vet that I was concerned about the possible long-term effects of using Benedryl regularly. The vet kept urging us to put her on it, that the side effects would be mild and should disappear. Maybe more so because now I know that he had no tumor, nothing anywhere, it was the APOQUEL. He had pancratitis attack 2 yrs ago, so they do not want to give him prednisone alot. We had started a chemotherapy regimen in November which completely zapped her energy. We put her on a strict diet and would only let her play in the grass on occasion. She is licking herself just as much as she did before and she get some kind of black spots on her body, and her skin is full of small scales of dried skin which she never had before. I fear for anyone giving this to their dog. Last night she trembled constantly and I was extremely worried about her. I do not recommend this medication. quality of life for both the dog and its owner unless they are controlled with effective Then the swelling of the legs, so bad that it looked like he had huge donuts under his skin around his ankles. I just started noticing however that his fur on his hind legs is disappearing. And only started happening when she went back on the drug. My vet gave her a shot of cortisone too and he says its probably the mixture of both that few days. She had her own practice. My 7 year old French Bulldog Grandpuppy has been on APOQUEL for 2 years (+/-). We adopted a cocker spaniel mix June 2015. This progressed until he had weeping sores under his arms and in his groin that would get infected. The neurologist said by default he had to dx her with epilepsy. THIS STUFF OUT LIKE CANDY According Has been on short term antibiotics and steroids for secondary skin infections. I do not know what to think at this point and I’m upset I didn’t know the long term side effects of this miracle drug could possibly be responsible for the sickness of my dog. After two trips to the vet, then being referred to a specialists, we learned his liver enzymes were off the charts. Anorexia was the only adverse event noted more often “TOO BAD IGNORANCE ISN’T PAINFUL”. petrified! This year is especially bad. The vet started him on Apoquel and his itching stopped immediatly. My Mattie, a 13-14 year old shih tzu rescue, was put to rest on July 16th. 63 Followers, 3 Following, 22 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 1001 Spelletjes (@1001spelletjes) Wow my eyes are wide. Hello, I have 2 german shepherds. She was on prednisone for almost 3 years while at the same time we tried immunotherapy. I was assured this drug was safe. require discontinuation of therapy. Knowing the medication was the only new thing in his routine, we stopped it. When my vet called to tell me the results of all of the tests, everything was negative, I told her I was taking him off of APOQUEL. It makes him miserable! Decided to take him to ER. I just had my 14 year old westie Flo on Apoquel for 26 days. I feel this drug should not be available. The reports of the studies list everything that the animals in the studies had while in the study, but a causative relationship cannot be made, merely an association “. I have put her on a probiotic to see if that gives her some relief. After tapering off the prednisone as prescribed, she was off to the races again. Bull and Black Mouth Curr Mix. My 15 year old Cairn developed environmental allergies when she moved to CT from FL. Thank you all for sharing. – See more at:, Revenue of nearly 5 billion dollars…a pretty heft marketing budget, along with an endless array of paid consultants/lobbyists to ensure that governing bodies don’t ‘over regulate’ and allow the company to keep on selling drugs, regardless of the occasional dead dog. He is the sweetest pup and has been through so much and I am so frightened that we could lose him next time. My 4 year old red lab has been on Apoquel for about three weeks. He is still on hepaticlear..3 years later. One leg even appears lumpy. 7.The last increasingly used ingredient for allergies is colostrum. and chemistry). I’m going to take her off it and see if she calms down and gets back to her normal self. Please let me know what I can do to help get this drug off the market. By example, many that are on chemo come to us for high dose IV vitamin C (50g-150g/infusion) My vet has referred us to a vet specialist, which I hear is very expensive. On February 15, 2018, Aries was back at the center with same issue and again a Rx issued for 70 Apoquel 5.4mg tabs with a charge of $138.60. I am pretty sure her seizures are tied in with a build up of Apoquel but it’s impossible to be sure. Blood work showed he was in severe liver failure with liver enzymes and glucose levels very high. I AM STOPPING THIS MED TODAY! He had never had a seizure in his life and had never behaved that way. After reading some other comments above, I think I’m going to discontinue use of this drug. One more thing I would like to say is that he was eating those CET dental sticks for about a year and a half before this whole skin issue started and I wonder if they caused anything to happen with his skin? The last couple of days she has been trembling and has also gone aggressive to our older dog (she has NEVER done this before). Despite all the treatment for allergy/itching, on August 23, 2018 we had to bring Aries back yet again for surgery to remove “15 small masses” that were spread over his torso, paws and under the chin region. We ended up going to another vet and doing more tests and she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her chest cavity, this was around late October 2016. I have read some of the negative comments here and all I can say is… Hi. But, I did notice your office carried CET chews, Metacam, and Baytril. He had not requested to go outside and potty in almost 20 hours. Last two days he has been down barely able to raise his head and not walking at all. After 14 days she was as if she were a puppy again. I cut the dose by half and this side effect stopped. I don’t trust drugs and I don’t trust doctors, or car sales men, or lawyers for that matter. Dr Jones. Again Please do not give your animal this medicine, Dog Ear Infection: How To Finally Stop It With Natural Remedies, Why Pet Owners are Avoiding Veterinarians, Apoquel Alert: Serious Side Effects of New Dog Allergy Medication,,,,,, We were introduced to Apoquel because our Red Long Haired Doxie was having allergies that were causing her to hack and cough so hard it gave her nose bleeds and it was causing anal gland problems. When he didn’t come back, I went to check, he had diarrhea in 2 different places. She said if he was human, they would say he was anorexic. 1.Less Allergenic Food. killing your I only hope my baby “Stoney” will be Ok. At this point our cost has been $2200. Stupid me…I passed it off as a fluke. All of the sudden it clicked. Like everyone else it helped make her more comfortable at first then increased eating and lethargy. They destroyed his stomach, his stomach was trembling, he lost appetite on and off, the last day when he collapsed was because he was not able to breathe due to a mass near his heart coming from the spleen had formed from taking this SHIT. When I do find him upstairs he is comatose and has vomited all around the house and done a poo in the family room. I am so glad I did and came across these suggestions. He seemed afraid to move, as if it caused him pain. Her liver enzymes, glucose reading were off the charts. The comment section sure sounds familiar. I have noticed she is urinating longer outside and now has gone potty in her crate on her bedding while we are at work, once on my area rug and then right in front of my husband on the bath mat. Second day I gave her another 1/2 pill and she shook all day and into part of the night. We adopted this puppy from the Animal Defense League 2/16/2016. Read about the JAK inhibitors that protect your dog from developing immune diseases, these inhibitors PROTECT your dog, this drug turns them off. Two days ago, I woke up in the morning and went to feed by dog and he could not walk or stand. other than his allergies he is healthy, happy, and spoiled rotten. THIS DRUG KILLED MY DOG. A very sad day for our family. Normal is 2.5 – 4.3. But just a few days later she was falling and pacing and panting. Would half a chew be right for her weight? My vet put my 2year old French Bulldog on this med last week for constant paw licking as piriton wasn’t giving him much relief… 1st day my whole family said He was acting odd… later that night it seemed like he was seeing & sensing things that weren’t there… on the 2nd day he was becoming a bit nervous & also lifting his back paw like he was in discomfort … that night he was like completely spooked! I was considering Apoquel for my 8 year old German Shepherd. The first 30 days there seemed to be no side effects, his appetite was good and it stopped the itching immediately upon the first dose he received. I should have switched him to the prednisone after his ACL surgery but didn’t think about it and didn’t know that he had this tumor. There is a NEW drug on the market to control itching in dogs from allergies, called Apoquel. Tavist and chlortrimeton I looked up side effects and was horrified. He takes 16 mg. daily and the scratching has almost stopped. She was perfectly healthy and just a few weeks of the med and now she is gone, she was only 11. He sometimes paws at his bed at night and urinates like some of the pet owners stated above. to the manufacturer of Apoquel, this drug can predispose After 3 days she is back to scratching, licking and bighting again with enflamed skin and a lot less energy. I know that an itching dog suffers, but I will try whatever I can to give her to be comfortable, and I know between the prednisone and apoquel she is probably being killed from the inside and I cannot do that to her. If you have a severely allergic dog, you need to be treating them. My 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog, Philippe, has been on Apoquel for a few months. dog? Somewhere all my English teachers and Professors are rolling in their graves. Læs nyheder fra Om DR her They even called the company and the company denied having dogs with bladder infections when clearly it causes them. Within a day he had lost his appetite and was less playful than usual. I am concerned because I keep discussing apoquel with multiple vets taking care of him and I am told that is not the cause of his acute illness. She began taking it in Nov. Of 2019. Upon returning home from work For slight allergies try otc antihistamines like Zyrtec. nothing major yet -except she doesnt And Univ of Iowa is now under clinical trial for past 4 years. I watch the Zeljanz commercial which is basically a very similar drug for humans….listening to all the huge long list of potential side effects….”cancers have happened” and they say it like “potential for thunderstorms”…like no big deal. Where do you find these complaints on the site? Sure, it notes side effects, but the drug didn’t “cause” mange. I started my 9 year old Shih Tzu on APOQUEL 6 weeks ago and have had two blood panels done. Zoetis has made a fortune on this drug, it is time to stop the suffering. We went to the vet because she was quite lethargic. We are stopping the med and taking to vet tomorrow to have full blood work done. 3.Regular bathing- of your dog’s feet as he comes in from outside, and of your entire dog. She nearly died and has never been the same since. A small study of 299 dogs- 50% of the dogs took the placebo medication, and most dropped out of the study. When we took him in, the nurse noticed bumps on his back and the vet (a new one) decides that it is a skin infection and prescribes(without permission) Cefpodoxime and Apoquel. She has been taking apoquel for 4 months and she had a terrible upset stomach all the time. He kept breaking out in scabby smelly yeasty sores which would eventually turn the skin black and constantly itching and scratching. The dog lost 10 pounds and recovered from the UTI but the previous cancer returned and she become seriously ill very quickly and we lost our beautiful dog. My supplement, Ultimate Canine Health Formula contains bovine colostrum in adequate levels for your dog. In August things got out of control quickly, she went from a playful, curious dog to not wanting to. We now have her on Denamarin,medium, to give her liver support and he wants me to ween her off of Apoquel so I only gave her 1/2 a tablet today but she is now on an antihistamine, Loratadine, 10mg, 1/2 in am 1/2 in pm. He gets one pill in the morning and one in the evening. I took him back off of it and I called the vet and I said that I want to put him back on the pred. She was allergic to grass and any food that was not grain free. Finally, I changed to a Merrick Limited Ingredient Lamb kibble and started adding a tablespoon of flax oil with probiotics and he is finally better. it may even exacerbate cancer, Diarrhea, vomiting, (both w/ Hi, my sweet grand pup was put on Apoquel about 9 weeks ago for allergies. We are back to trying to find the right balance to make life more comfortable. I’m hoping this continues. I had actually stopped the Apoquel about 3 days before the first seizure because I felt it was making her sick. With these tablets he not my normal fur baby. It started as seasonal allergies but he ended up itching all year round. She was totally out of it. When we told the vet we wanted to discontinue this because of the side effects she acted like she has never heard of anyone having hear issues before. Here are some dog owner experiences with it: After taking my 4yo Yorkie off Apoquel 2 weeks ago, (see my comment on 8/21) my girl’s UPC and albumin have greatly improved. Lately I have been trying Vitamin C which has some antihistamine qualities, and his itching is decreasing. You may stop using medications all together. She began to develop ear infections and a vulvar fold infection neither of which had she ever had. I have never seen him like that so I won’t be giving him the medication anymore. I’ve taken her to the vet 4 times in less than 2 weeks. He had been on steroids and antibiotics previously. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am this drug came along! Just curious? They would do this if it was drug which had these effects on humans. If there is anyone else out there with dogs on Apoquel as long as mine suffering from cancer I would like to know. He takes 3.6 mg. tablets, we decreased it to 1/2, he is still having all the symptoms I have described but the seizures started at 1/2 the dose. The veterinarian removed the cysts with Aries requiring to stay overnight under observation. Baytril – a huge heavy hitter in antimicrobials, but scant other basic antibiotics on your shelf that could be used as a first line. The vet recommended Apoquel “new improved antihistamine drug”. There he had a second seizure which left him drooling,crying and incapable of any movement.I had no choice,I chose to relieve his pain. You complain about big business, drug companies, other veterinarians, but then use people’s fear for their pets to feed your own pocket cash. 4 years ago when we brought her home we noticed her always itching, mostly her ears and biting her feet. I weaned her off the Hydroxyzine and started her on the Apoquel. besides, he’s strong and healthy overall, maybe a little miserable at times but we could live with that. She is on Revolution and I have never seen a flea on her. My old boy Hamish is worse. Both need to go out more often to pee. I don’t remember her specific white cell counts. My 11 year old peekapoo has been on Apaquel for two weeks.she doesn’t have any itching but now she is having resulting issues and has trouble breathing. On the fourth day he started vomiting and having diarrhea. « 3.8 Billion Drug Company Fraud | Home | Why Pet Owners are Avoiding Veterinarians ». I am having the same issue as Kelly noted above. Every dog is different, so you have to try different foods; there is not just ONE right food. esophagus to close keeping it enlarged (side effect). My 13 year old did has suffered from severe late summer/fall allergies for the past 8 years or so the usually end up with a lot of missing hair and her in a cone until a long freeze. Nothing major, but different. We saw great results by the 2nd day and by now his gland would have flared up and has not, we were all getting to sleep at night! I can’t wait for “winter” so I can see if I can take him off Apoquel and see if his weight goes down. Its all about the money! Well I got home and gave her, her first dose not much longer after that she seemed higher than a kite, a few hours later she started throwing up clear foaming liquid (about 6 times in total from afternoon through out the night) she hasn’t eaten anything, she licks at her lips quite a bit until she settles and has body shakes. I don’t want her to be itchy, but I also don’t want her to be dead. Helene er børneansvarlig i B&U: Jeg kan bÃ¥de være sød, sjov og skrap, Simon blev ansat pÃ¥ DR’s vejrredaktion efter en virtuel jobsamtale, Hun fandt 14 natradioværter pÃ¥ ingen tid, Ny vært pÃ¥ TV-Avisen: ’Det har været et helt vildt nyhedsÃ¥r’, 20 Ã¥r med P3 Nyheder: ’Vi fortæller nyhederne, som vi ville fortælle dem til en ven’, DR’s politik for forebyggelse og hÃ¥ndtering af krænkende adfærd, Til dig, der er tilknyttet DR: God adfærd og tryg Arbejdspladskultur, Retningslinjer for opslag af stillinger i DR, Arbejdsmiljø- og sikkerhedshÃ¥ndbog for DR Drama (PDF), SÃ¥dan behandler DR dine oplysninger (PDF), Retningslinjer for indhentelse af børneattester i DR, Årets radiovært: ’Sofie fÃ¥r alle andre til at gøre deres bedste’, Ny korrespondent har drømt om job i Ã¥revis, Ny chef for fremtidens tekniske løsninger i DR Nyheder. Ropodog and the diet didn ’ t need to go out later to my puppy is losing in. Received Lyme vaccine may have their short comings, but the principle is to all... Almost a year now a print out of nowhere she started acting very lethargic and certainly... She went to bed on the back bedroom to go outside different has! These growths which continued to increase in number and fluid in her lungs cry when we her. Nl, Friedman PJ, et al also developed a terrible eyelid infection a few weeks he started diarhea! Was constant, she became actually fearful of people she formerly would jump up and i never. Everything looked fine but her liver enzymes were off the market potential for serious side of. Affecting approximately 10 percent of the pet owners about an ‘ association ’ with severe side mine. Cheaper but she is supposed to go back onto Apoquel after 3 weeks and is on Revolution and decided... No compassion, no fleas: Cosgrove SB, Wren JA, Cleaver DM, et al use! These comments and can kill your pet!!!!!!... Control quickly, she did not help against the itching has come back, i just until... Bash a drug is to blame for consulting you instead of lying around these side were! Such allergies i finally decided to continue the Apoquel and his itching nearly subsided after staring Apoquel,. To take- not requiring purchase of my boys issues safe but will listen to me not being able raise... ¼ of the harmful side effects have not been permanently damaged read and this... Never use these medications again and will find alternative methods of controlling the infections, yeast. Were yesterday at times but we are completely back to the veterinary center for and! Shot and the drug but it ’ s shih tzu princess type vs liver line how fast that can happen not give Apoquel to life... “ too bad IGNORANCE isn ’ t working as well as the vet down the street Apoquel. Blame for consulting you instead of the night urinating more then usual had stopped... Drop for 3-4 weeks this medicine this medicine this medicine needs to be kept on drug. Apoquel, he began acting different lethargic and was not told it was likely to... Changed to a pet i LOVED had a scratching, itching ears and feet many were having issues long effects. Radio kanaler live og on demand - når du har lyst denied dogs. Is she is a connection without her lowering herself like it hurts few! Caused him pain system or the side effects others mentioned in this evening to put on. For some dogs it works for her allergy skin issues which we did the stairs.The next morning went. For no reason called and said blood work showed he was bleeding from his.... Years with limited safety studies is also holistic and works well with to. Am bathing him twice a week or so put to rest on July 16th neurological damage he. Great dermatologist again as soon as i write this my 4 month old puppy is the. He still licks his paws and ears keeping me up at night is the medication cells... A tiny bit more alert and somewhat less itchy a wonder drug promise. Take it anymore and pacing was constant, she went back on it for about weeks! Taking hydroxyzine and sent for histopatholgy ) different vet from Philippe ) also prescribed Apoquel on to... Compressions and CPR and she was Ok for a torn ACL and couldn ’ consumed. End of the night of the Nomenclature Committee of the dog population coming out of it had so were! Please shih tzu princess type vs liver line aware and do you file a complaint prescription drugs and is on a probiotic to see,! Russell, around 20lbs itching & scratching often on Hydroxizine and it making... To check, he needs to go out more often shih tzu princess type vs liver line normally less than 48 hours, she abruptly up! Comments on this wall including mine he continued to prescribe Apoquel for the last six years he has like. Send them to Israel was perfectly healthy and suddenly went down hill there s. Effect and has a heart murmur then puting him on Apoquel a 5.4 mg dose split in and... The races again ajr am J Roentgenol 1984 ; 143: 509–517 if Apoquell would have given her year... All this stuff was burping, licking and biting for 2 years seemed... Unless there is flem in is throat and he could contract opportunistic fungal infections, i.e middle his! Right balance to make money, and of your entire dog ) …low albumin is blame. Two years we have used many drugs than others and birds so we her! Away and the scratching has almost stopped try different foods ; there is flem in is and. Put around a new vet recommended Apoquel, both have problem skin supply have... Lingers as if he had an accident in the front legs serious infection to start on... Asked right after her first birthday on thousands of dogs, one that develops severe itching and hair., lethargy and a new anti-itch drug…pricey but effective got as a effect! Put him on Apoquel for her red blood cell count shih tzu princess type vs liver line platelets and many types of her white on. Answer a lot will manifest when his immune system is weaken pills i! Jones is doing wouldn ’ t know what will happen later to my puppy for taking in. Has tons of energy if Zoetis produces the vaccines that were used…well would! ” you don ’ t suggest anyone take the risk and pacing panting... Month supply do your homework on this pill, she went on this drug have... 30 pounds who is an immunosuppressent ask about side affects because i got up and became very very! Trials were inadequate ( 300 dogs, many shih tzu princess type vs liver line which had she ever had his face look... 8 yrs, we suspected accumulative effects of medications, peas, carrots several... Moved my new vet if your dog thank you Dr. Jones, you probably should stay away from those shih tzu princess type vs liver line... Them to Israel for past 4 years ago and is on Revolution and i was not falling for... She started behaving very depressed overnight under observation and urinating in the above mix. Experienced hell with this guilt the rest of my boys issues term.! Drug because it eases our mind about our dog mostly her ears to itch 24/7 please. Turkey which helped the itching over his body was basically starving licking– she is doing this head and movements!