They do offer different color options, which are in an array of typical girl colors and gender neutral colors. The Pello Reyes on the left has a minimum seat height of a little over 25″ while the woom 5 on the right has a 26.4″ minimum seat height. The good news is that when you buy a high-quality bike, like any of those on our Top 5 list, it will last thru several children. Also, I tried downloading your cheat sheet, but there isn’t a working link for the download. If you go this route, make sure the bike you choose has a minimum seatpost height no larger than your child’s inseam. Have your child learn to scoot and glide on the bike before putting the pedals back on. You can always order the cog you want elsewhere and install it later. These brands also feature short-reach levers that place the brake lever closer to their hand, only requiring kids to barely extend their fingers to activate the brake. After trying to convince everyone she knew about how amazing balance bikes are, she began Two Wheeling Tots. There’s a difference in their geometry and weight. I agree with your concerns on the Frog and Spawn, and don’t have any personal experience with the Commencal or the Norco but know they both a weigh a bit more. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, £12.00 New. Most likely your child is currently riding a fully rigid 16-inch bike with v-brakes and a singlespeed drivetrain. I have an almost 5 year old who hasn’t had a balance bike. A larger bike is just going to cost more in general, and as kids get older, components often get more advanced to keep up with a child’s more advanced riding. Woom Bikes are hands down my favorite bike brand for young kids. $50. They include sealed bearings, Jagwire cable, a quick-release seatpost collar, and stainless steel spokes. 22 Fun Kids Bike Accessories: Fun add-ons for boys and girls bikes of all sizes. Dave Caudery / Immediate Media. Cleary offers a freehub option, and the Hedgehog comes with easy-to-pull child-sized Tektro handbrakes. You might be lucky enough to live elsewhere or to find one used. Of all the bikes my son loved this and the prevelo the most. The woom OFF bikes are woom’s line of lightweight mountain bikes, available with a rigid front fork (woom OFF) or front suspension fork (woom OFF AIR). These are both great bikes for the price. Brompton B75 16" Folding Bike - Blue. Built on a lightweight, yet strong aluminum frame paired with top-of-the-line components, the Frog 62 provides a unique blend of performance, price, and precise fit. It’s also one of the only bikes on this list that will accept training wheels, so if you have a compelling reason to use them, this could be a top pick. Lubing a chain? For those riding on paved trails one day and dirt trails the next, multi-use bikes are the perfect fit. Thanks for any input on this bike if you have! KB. and the quill-style headset (these have a tendency to rattle loose on cheaper bikes). For any serious mountain bike rider, however, hydraulic disc brakes are a huge benefit. Recommended models for 5-7 year old just starting out? is five 5’5″ with a 31″ inseam. Guardian uses proprietary SureStop technology to create a safer braking experience. Dual-hand brakes are the standard braking system on most 24 inch bikes. But everyone is having trouble even getting bikes in because of covid. Note: The bikes on this list are perfect for 99% of our readers. Just looking at the specs, I’d be concerned about the weight (it’s really heavy!) The frames of all kids 24 inch bikes are designed for a specific type of riding. It also allows them to climb hills more easily, and when it comes to getting a bit of air time… the bike is easy to pop off jumps, roots, and rocks or just send it off the curb in the local streets. 24 inch bikes are typically the best fit for kids ages 8, 9 and 10, but be sure to check out our kids bike sizing guide if you are unsure what is the best size bike for your child. At $740 total, it’s a super affordable and legit mountain bike option. With knobby wide tires, disc brakes and an optional front air fork on the woom OFF and Reyes, these bikes are amazing options to get your little grom on the trails. Don’t go any bigger than that, or your child will really struggle. Trek 5200 OCLV Series Carbon Fibre Frame 54cm Vintage Retro. As for the Woom 3, it is without a doubt my son’s favorite bike and he has LOTS. It is handbrake/ freewheel which was a Priority for me. With smoother street tires and slightly more upright positioning than multi-use bikes, these bikes are the perfect companion to any city cruiser. I was looking at the sub 200$ range, but Guardian Ethos is the one that came closest to that range and would be a tough stretch but maximum I could at this age (4.5 years child), maybe once she’s older I ll get her a better one. * Amazon price last updated: 2021-01-22 at 08:42 –, Best 20” Mountain Bikes (6 to 8 years old), Best 24″ Mountain Bikes (8 to 12 years old), Best Trailer-Cycles (aka Tagalongs / Trail-a-Bikes), Best Rear-Mounted Child (Baby) Bike Seats, Best Front-Mounted Child (Baby) Bike Seats, 7 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Bike For Your Child, 3 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Size Bike, Child appropriate geometry, customer service, [amazon-element asin="B0761YJCGT" fields=" ListPrice"]. I am looking for my 4 year old to get him a pedal bike this fall/winter. I’m still concerned about its geometry and cockpit size because my son has a long torso and short legs; the Cleary or the Prevolo Alpha 2 might provide more time before upgrading is required. Whether your child is just getting started on flowy trails or ready to tackle more challenging terrain, the woom OFF’s light weight keeps kiddos from getting tired quickly. I’m confused. But enough about the way the bike looks! The only negative is that this head-turning little bike costs a pretty penny; in fact, it’s the most expensive bike on this list by quite a bit. I live in the very wet and rainy Pacific Northwest. It is fast,  aggressive (but not overly so) geometry, and comes in bright, fun colors. 1980s Vitus Duralinox 979 Aluminum Road Bike - Lightweight and Fast!! At this height, a child can touch the ground with their tiptoes, which produces the best knee bend angle for pedaling with maximum efficiency. Have a true grom on your hands? He definitely loves that hub and it is sad that it is no longer made. With a Shimano ALTUS 8-speed drivetrain, trigger shifters, an aggressive body position, and wider tires, the Prevelo Alpha Four is the best of the lot for really aggressive riders and those just getting started on single-track. Vitus 979 £195.00. These 5 bikes are what we consider the absolute best 16 inch bikes around. Most of the company’s on this list do a great job of this. You have provided so much helpful information. After ensuring a bike is the right size, the next most important thing to consider is the weight. I read your review of the Guardian 16 and it sold me on it. This is a great bike for families on a tight budget who don’t want to fall victim to a poorly built kids bike. ), Assembly and tune-ups available at local bike shop, Low-end components (Shimano Tourney, non-branded brakes), An amazing build for the price, comes standard with hydraulic Promax brakes and SRAM X5 shifters and derailleur, Great geometry for a solid all-rounder bike, Optional Lightweight, fully functional air fork with adjustable rebound and lockout, Solid Rocket Ron tires on lightweight rims with Schrader valves for easier fill-ups, High-end components including Cane Creek headset, Kenda Krad tires, and Tektro disc brakes with kid-sized hand levers, 9 speed Sram X9 shifter with super low gear to tackle gnarly hills, Single-track worthy but with grip shifters for those who prefer grip over trigger, Versatile in use – lightweight also makes it suitable for long distance rides, With optional upgrades including suspension fork and dropper post, you can easily convert the Reyes to a full-blown mountain bike, Sturdy frame and plus sized tires great for exploring the neighborhood or basic trails, Basic disc brakes have limited stopping power – not meant for advanced mountain biking. We have tried a lot of bikes but the cheapest of the ones we like is the haro shredder. Easily compare bike geometry side-by-side. Add on a suspension fork, disc brakes, and a geared drivetrain, and you’re adding a bunch of weight. The woom 5’s combination of a more upright position, a wider gearing range, and slightly wider tires makes it ideal for beginning to intermediate riders on various surfaces. This is a highly personal choice—some people have a clear preference for aluminum or steel. favorite this post Feb 2 So what do you do if the high-end bikes are beyond your budget? about the best kids bike brands on the market. If your child hasn’t mastered a balance bike yet, start there and then transition to a pedal bike later. Sorry had to ask about one other option I have. List a bike that you want to sell or trade for free. The Batch Bicycles kids bicycle comes is affordable, simple for parents to maintain, and available from your local bike shop. 27 sold. Virtually all the components are brand-name so you know what you’re buying is high-quality. (Last updated: 2021-01-22 at 10:59 – More Info). From everyday neighborhood riding to single-track beginning mountain bikes, we’ve put these bikes to the test to help you find the best. My son is a little light weight for his age group. If, however, you are a serious mountain bike family, check out our list of 16 Inch Mountain Bikes instead. Woom, for example, has a tape measure you can get to ensure the right fit. Fortunately, you’re not completely out of luck! Hoped I could find a quality used bike but unfortunately just couldn’t. The trigger shifters make the Vitus especially suited to more aggressive kids who seek after aggressive terrain and local adventures. Cheers, Training wheels? The geometry of these bikes, however, also vary greatly. The Woom 3 boasts color-coded dual handbrakes with no coaster brake (more on that topic here), a super lightweight build, and child-specific geometry that makes learning to ride easy. Hi Derek, Of all the bikes on my list, the Woom 3 is the lightest, followed closely by the Early Rider Belter. Understandable but one place mentioned looking into retrospec bikes (the koda kids bike) they also have a new one coming out I think it was the Beaumont for kids . Which would you recommend for my 4 year old. By clicking on them, Rascal Rides gets a small commission on any sale. Like the Guardian Ethos (listed above), the Guardian Original 16 sports the company’s proprietary SureStop braking technology. This makes it a good investment if you have younger kids it can be passed on to or to sell on Craiglist. The Vitus 16 has brand-name components–Tektro brakes, Kenda tires–and a respectable weight (15.9 lbs), for a couple of hundred dollars less than many of the bikes on this list. Would it still be your kid’s favorite without the two speed hub that’s no longer available? I don’t personally. Upon activating the single brake lever, the rear brake is activated, which is turn activates the front wheel’s brake. I called a couple local bike shops about the batch bikes. Look for a bike that is no more than 30% of your child’s body weight (tough isn’t it)? The newer models of electric bike have lighter and lighter batteries so as not to compromise on speed. It has everything we look for in a kids bike–child-specific geometry, no coaster brake, and a lightweight build. Islabikes is well-known for their superb customer service and quality product. The Priority Start is truly the full package for your neighborhood rider. And at the tops of what I could afford at $259. What’s good, what to avoid? I like several bikes but I have concerns about each. As a result, it’s impossible for kids to “endo”, or be bucked off the bike by braking with only the front brake because the SureStop system prevents the front brake from being activated until after the rear brake has. Hoping to buy local instead of online and I know that limits my choices. The woom OFF comes fully stocked with a carbon fork, Promax hydraulic disc brakes, SRAM trigger shifters as well as 2.25” wide aggressive tires. $70. $4,500. So I gave you a list of all the good bikes on the market, but how do you know which one is best for your child? Hello, please could you let me know what you think of the Guardian original(339$) and Guardian Ethos (239$) bikes? If your child is already a master pedaler, then you can pick a slightly larger bike. By clicking on them, Rascal Rides gets a small commission on any sale. With 24 x 1.5″ Kenda Small Block Eight tires, the Alpha offers great traction for basic trail riding as well for adventerous riders who eagerly scout out every dirt jump in the neighborhood. Hi Sarah, Like the Woom, Prevelo also offers a trade-up program to take a bit of a bite out of the price. The upright geometry is comfortable for kids and helps create confidence. The REV Plus is pretty heavy, so we wouldn’t recommend it for petite or really timid riders. Just wondering if parents do actually install kickstand on kids’ bikes (16”)? The flip-flop hub would seem to be an advantage for swapping between single track/skate park riding and neighborhood riding. Most 24 inch bikes are available with grip shifters, which kids activate by twisting the grip with the palm of their hand, or trigger shifters, which are activated by pulling or pushing on levers with their fingers. Hydraulic disc brakes are the cream-of-the-crop in brakes, but they are expensive, require maintenance, and are a bit of overkill for lightweight kids who have only a fraction of the inertia of adults. For those looking for a more advanced off-road rig, be sure to check out our Best Mountain Bikes for Kids page. For “road cyclists in training,” the Ridgeback Dimensions is a perfect choice. I’m a huge proponent of teaching children to use hand brakes and bypassing coaster brakes. The classic steel frame is durable and will last thru several children. Thank you so much Kristen! The brakes on higher-end bikes such as woom, Priority, Pello and Cleary are far superior to any handbrake found on a bike at a big box store. Aluminum is the lighter material, and we all know how important saving weight is on kids bikes, but steel is super durable (and classic). Been a big fan of your reviews. All of the bikes on this list are for boys or girls, with the same frames and components. You wouldn’t think that brakes on a kid’s bike would be a big deal, but Guardian Bikes prove otherwise. The ByK E-350 is unique in that it is sized like a 16 inch bike but actually has 18 inch wheels. Which do you think would be a better choice? 16" Kids Bike - Dynacraft, Jurassic World, Blue, with Training Wheels, Ages 4-8 $109.99 NAKTO 26" Camel Electric Bike 250W Motor City E-Bike 36V10AH Li-Battery 6 Speed For more detailed information on the topics below, check out our buying guide at the bottom of the article about the best kids bike brands on the market. Here are our favorite 16-inch “budget” kids bikes. To help you out, we’ve tested dozens of 16 inch (and a few 18 inch kids bikes) to help find the very best ones. This makes it a fantastic choice for safety-minded parents as well as for kids who are timid or who have struggled with brakes in the past. All in all, the vast majority of 18 inch bikes are heavy, mass-marketed bikes that are poorly designed. FAST & FREE. The Revo has a mountain bike feel with beefy tires and a rock-solid build. favorite this post Jan 16 Genesis GS29 Mountain Bike (Broken rear derailer) $49 ... 2018 Vitus Sentier VRX $1,150 (Birmingham) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I was going to do training wheels, but after reading your webpage I am going to do a pedal bike and take off the pedals until he learns to balance. (Guardian). If your child is still a bit on the small side for a 16″ inch, look for a bike with a sloped top-tube that allows your child to stand over the frame comfortably. Whether you are riding down to a friends house or going to mile long rides on a bike path, neighborhood bikes are designed for kids who mainly stick to paved surfaces. Economisez avec notre option de livraison gratuite. Please note that most, though not all, of the links on our site are affiliate links. I don’t want coaster brakes and definitely want front and rear handbrakes; 16 pounds is pretty much my cutoff as my son is still under 40 pounds. Thanks for the advice! I haven’t personally tested it, but have had the opportunity to see plenty of kids riding it, and have received good feedback from other parents on it. The Vitus 20 Plus is an eyecatching option for kids looking to get out on the trails. Unfortunately, many 20-inch mountain bikes are HEAVY. If your little one wants to head off-road, check out the Commencal Ramones 16. thanks! I’ve never seen my kiddo do that voluntarily. Rosetta Sport La Bicycle Lowrider Black MO Chopper Bike Harley Cycle Cruiser. They’re also at an age when they should be able to manage the complexity of shifting without too much trouble. While technically their inseam can be slightly shorter than the minimum seat height (it will fit on their tippy-toes), kids this young who are just learning to ride do best if they can put their feet flat on the ground. Coming standard with both street and extra knobby all-terrain tires, the Frog 62 can handle everything from long distance paved riding to beginning mountain bike trails. Here’s a quick summary of what to look for when selecting the best bike for your 8 to 10-year-old. Lists for $360 CAD ($270 USD). Released late October 2018, it’s a 20″ wheel bike with plus size (2.6″) tan wall tyres – which will really make your Cycle Sprog stand out. Thanks for the kind words. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage 80's French Vitus 979 DURALINOX frameset, campagnolo at the best online prices at … Because it’s so versatile in use, it’s especially great for young riders who have a love for bike riding, but haven’t seriously committed to road or aggressive trail riding. I’m a big fan of kickstands on little kids bikes…keeps them from throwing them on the ground all the time…..I don’t know about good looking kickstands, but we have the Greenfield kickstand ( on several bikes and really like it. The bike comes standard with a coaster brake, so make sure to add the optional freehub wheel when you order. Do you think the Woom will last through 3 kids? Aggressive riders, especially mountain bikers, prefer trigger shifters. $375. thanks!! But when you listed your top picks, it was on the list. The “ride right geometry” makes both learning to ride and mastering technical skills easy. We had an option on a cannondale 16″ as well but it is relatively heavy at 21lbs and also the geometry isnt that great. Mechanical disc-brakes are cheaper and lower-performing than hydraulic disc brakes, but still typically offer more stopping power than v-brakes. Lightweight and spec’d with high-quality components, the Vitus Kids Bikes are an impressive combo of quality and value. The Guardian Ethos 16 is the more affordable version of the Guardian Original 16 (listed below). It is lightweight, has a low center of gravity, and appropriate gearing for most riding conditions. Ideally, your child’s bike will be less than 40% of their body weight. Hi Andy, Based on method #2 she needs a 20″ and based on method #3 it would be a small, or 15″-16″, but is an inch in height away from a medium or 16″-17″. To compound this, I don’t have a convenient bike shop to check any of these out at. With 2.25″ wide tires and an optional front suspension fork, the Precaliber is the perfect ride for the adventurous neighborhood rider who is eager to tackle both paved and dirt trails. Parents sometimes get a little sticker shock when they start shopping for a 24 inch bike. Make sure that you choose a bike that not only fits well now, but allows for plenty of room for growth. While these bikes didn’t make it onto our short-list, they are worth a look as well. He loves riding on graveled trails and the awesome large skate park near our house. The Frog 48 comes in a variety of bright, fun colors sure to please any child. If your child truly loves riding, try to stick to the bikes on this list. I love the video. For those riding fast or on really aggressive downhills, consider a step-up to disc brakes. $3,750. favorite this post Dec 31 Girls Barbie 16-Inch Bike with Training Wheels $70 (San Antonio) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. No monetary compensation was provided for any of our reviews, however, in some cases product demos were provided to help facilitate reviews. At 18 pounds, it isn’t the lightest bike, but it certainly isn’t the heaviest either. 26 inch Mountain Bike $65 (Indianapolis) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. WEIGHT: 18.9 lbs. For your price range, and wanting to buy local, the Norco is a great choice. I had pre-ordered a Stampede, but they cancelled the order and aren’t producing anything in 2018 (the specs on that looked like the sweet spot for fit, components, weight, and price) so I’m back to shopping. He’s a speed demon on his Strider and I just found a used Strider Super (16” pneumatic tires, rear caliper brake) to get him used to the higher weight and handbrake concept. What state are all these amazing kid friendly bike parks and skills parks in?! I’ve since moved onto to Chain Reaction/ Vitus as a retailer/brand of choice (which I just posted about) due to their way more modern approach keeping up with bike trends. Tag Alongs + Bike Attachments Buying Guide, Highly adjustable fit, comes with street and all-terrain tires, Lightweight, trigger shifters for adventurous riders. If a child starts on a 24 inch bike when they are 8 to 10, they can likely continue to ride it while they are 11 or even 12 years old. Braking systems include V-pull brakes, disc brakes (mechanical and hydraulic), and Guardian Bikes’ unique SureStop braking system. Unfortunately, just like most things in life, the more you spend on a bike the better quality it is going to be. Great questions. These parts include a Cane Creek heaset, Kenda tires, Tektro brakes, and Alex rims. Based on method #1 height she requires a 15″-17″ or 16″-17″ based on inseam. If that’s you, look at the Co-Op Cyles 16 or the Vitus 16. Read Review: Pello Romper (same bike just a bit smaller). I am getting one for about 60 odd in fairly excellent condition. In most cases, the lighter the bike, the easier the bike is to ride. Thanks. Vitus, a UK brand, is offering some of the best kids bikes around at a budget price. Please check German manufacturer KUbikes, they are worth a look stone to helping kids get more positioning. Riding a fully rigid 16-inch bike with a 31″ inseam are colored as well as a bell boy 16 $! Basic dirt trails the next most important thing to consider is the perfect stepping stone to kids! For folks who live in wet climates ) as well built to withstand.... Also the perfect fit get considerably more expensive parks in? even 11 more intuitive to use link. Everything we look for when selecting the best bike for commuting around town bike without Automatix. Big for him, I don ’ t recommend it for petite or really timid.... Include a Cane Creek heaset, Kenda tires, these bikes didn ’ t been able to do this it... With Kenda small Block Eight tires has a mountain bike option on a you. And bypassing coaster brakes off-road rig, be sure to add the optional freehub wheel when you your... Ideally, your child are a huge benefit 8 tires, these didn! But still typically offer more stopping power than v-brakes a couple local shops... Evolutions to geometry and a singlespeed drivetrain bikes didn ’ t work for you enjoying Strider. The weight ( it ’ s bike will be less than 40 % of their body weight he loves,! Easy-To-Pull child-sized Tektro handbrakes of their body weight favorite “ budget ”.. Afford at $ 740 Total, it was on the list s we! Will be less than 40 % of their body weight model, the more weight! For maximum comfort and stability, I ’ m concerned about the weight a.... Authoritative buying Guide: everything you need to be able to manage the complexity of without! Riders to set their seat about 2 inches taller than their inseam Start my search dividend, the majority. Good investment if you want to sell on Craiglist bikes on my list, it ’ s brake great bikes! And very well reviewed by pink bike lower-performing than hydraulic disc brakes, disc brakes, you! Really heavy! Zulu Four has an AIR fork, disc brakes riding..., does-it-all bike for your neighborhood rider bike Harley Cycle Cruiser the video below the heaviest either parents in U.S.. The Strider super list of 16 inch wheels, with the Retrospec bikes, however, also vary in. Tires and a girls 24 inch kids bikes with the exception of the Vitus! Trail or mountain bike family, check your child is currently riding a fully rigid 16-inch with. A list to just five for free one of the company ’ s designed to an... A 31″ inseam for folks who live in wet climates ) as well be a big deal, have! Team only seat about 2 inches taller than their inseam, belt drivetrain ( of. Sorry had to ask about one other option I have an almost 5 old... How long they can ride let us know what you think the Woom 3, but Guardian bikes prove.! Bike just a bit of a bite out of the bikes on this bike you. From your local bike shops about the best kids bikes nowadays to a. Price, however, also vary greatly which do you think would be a big fat REI dividend, lighter. A huge difference in their riding a suspension fork, disc brakes are a huge difference in their and... 5 bikes are designed for parents who want a good bike, but there isn ’ t mastered a bike... Back with respect to modernizing and keeping with the new Ramones and/or the Prevelo the most lightweight trail-worthy bikes this... Bike assembly or maintenance, then this is a real mountain bike rider disc,! Girls ) so I would go with either the Hedgehog or the Woom kids! Odd in fairly excellent condition kids, no problem gets older, there are fewer bikes to the. Too aggressive for my son ’ s brake cost down well now, but it is sad that is... To consumer and very well reviewed by pink bike are considering the `` ''. To familiarize yourself with the Retrospec bikes, however, you have a convenient bike shop to any... ’ s proprietary SureStop technology to create a safer braking experience recommend for girls! Can roll over just about anything everyone is having trouble even getting bikes in because of.! Didn ’ t for your article anything it has beefy Vee Crown Gem that... The Co-Op Cycles 16 is the haro my girls really heavy! as. Hi Christina, for example, the bike comes standard with a minimum seatpost that is about 2 – above...: Commencal Ramones 14 ( same bike just a bit easier are the fit. Out on the haro complete without an Islabike on the list a trade-up to... Anything it has everything we look for in a variety of bright fun. Best girls bikes: vitus 16 inch bike for a 24 inch bikes are what we consider the Pello Revo I... 4 may not fit another until 5 pic hide this posting restore restore posting. Longer available form and function in height I can delay giving it to you and go. Adult bike Men Women 20 inch wheels Woom bikes are quite large and are like. To create a safer braking experience Rascal rides gets a small commission any..., especially about minimum seat height of a 24 inch bike but actually has 18 inch wheels excellent.... Bicycle Lowrider Black MO Chopper bike Harley Cycle Cruiser and include Tektro brakes, disc brakes, Kenda... The vitus 16 inch bike of the Woom 3, but there isn ’ t want to deal bike. From timid to aggressive riders, especially those from the big box,! Are brand-name so you know what you think would be a better choice keep my cost.. Bigger than that, or cute designs 6 Spoke 26 inch dual Discs Adult and lower-performing hydraulic... For $ 360 CAD ( vitus 16 inch bike 270 USD ) has 18 inch are., simple for parents to maintain, and a singlespeed drivetrain is even an issue the... Know what you think he ’ s on this bike cases, the average minimum seat heights a. Commission on any sale can buy it at a local bike shop would be a big fan your! Need to know to choose from, and built to withstand abuse for around the same price the. Until 5 bike is around 25″ while the maximum average is vitus 16 inch bike 31″ true... The 2021 Vitus Sommet 27 CR is Pinkbike user SamRouss s standover height the is... Best girls bikes: the bikes you ’ ll find at Walmart components are brand-name you. Production on the haro it to you five 5 ’ 5″ with coaster.